Suzanna Storms
Hello, my name is

Dr. Suzanna Storms


Professional information

  • Veterinarian, DVM
About Vet

Per Illinois state law, telemedicine is not intended to diagnose, prognose, treat, correct, change, alleviate, or prevent animal disease, illness, pain, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical or mental conditions. All animals should receive physical exams or premise [farm] visits as part of a comprehensive healthcare plan. Regular vaccination or parasite prevention as a key part of preventive care. Happy to talk through your food and fiber animal questions, and hope to help you find some peace of mind when you’re not able to see your primary vet.

  • Champaign, IL, US
Spoken languages
  • English
  • French
Species treated
  • Farm Animals
Areas of interest
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Theriogenology
  • Pathology
  • Preventive
  • Indiana, US
  • Illinois, US
  • Iowa, US
  • South Dakota, US
  • Consult on diet, nutrition & exercise
  • Consult on general health & wellness
  • Consult on behavioral issues
  • Navigating nutrition from the new baby to the senior pet
  • Optimizing your new puppy or kitten experience
  • Tips and tricks on pet grooming techniques
  • Pet training, house training and litter box training

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