Nicolle D'alessio
Hello, my name is

Nicolle D'alessio

LVT Vetster Wellness Coach

Nicolle is a Vetster Wellness Coach and licensed veterinary technician. This means they are not able to provide specific advice on a medical condition, diagnose or prescribe medication. If you feel you may require these services, please search for a Veterinarian instead. About appointment types.

Professional information

  • Veterinary Technician, LVT
About Vet

Welcome! I’ve been working in Veterinary Medicine since 2016; primarily in Emergency, Specialty, and 24 hour ICU medicine. I graduated from SUNY Delhi with my AAS in Veterinary Science Technology as well as an Accredited Vets in the Wild program from North West University of South Africa. I’ve had experience with cats, dogs, small and large animals from mice to horses; as well as some experience with exotics such as birds and reptiles. Specialty experience in: Ophthalmology, Neurology, Dermatology, Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Nutrition, and Behavior.

I spent most of my career as one of two overnight ICU/ER techs triaging emergencies and surgeries and giving the most severe cases my full attention. I have helped bring puppies and kittens into this world as well as cared for and bottle fed them. As an overnight ICU tech I’ve been Telehealth triaging emergent and non emergent situations and keeping concerned owners up to date on their loved ones since 2018. Addressing your worries and concerns is one of my top priorities to help you fully understand what is going on with your furry loved ones.

I also would love to add that I have a Service dog and am well versed in proper training types such as: clicker training, operant and classical conditioning, and positive reinforcement!

I’d like to add that I have a few years experience with ASL. not a licensed interpreter

I look forward to meeting you and your pet and giving you both the best care and answers to any questions you may have soon!

  • Huntington, NY, US
Spoken languages
  • English
Experience with
  • Dogs (Canine)
  • Cats (Feline)
  • New York, US
  • Consult on diet, nutrition & exercise
  • Consult on general health & wellness
  • Consult on behavioral issues
  • Navigating nutrition from the new baby to the senior pet
  • Optimizing your new puppy or kitten experience
  • Tips and tricks on pet grooming techniques
  • Pet training, house training and litter box training