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Whether you own a dog, cat, fish, small animal, or even something a bit more exotic, what ties all pets together is the need for pet supplies. Many people opt to buy pet supplies online, especially in the modern era, but a local pet shop can be a great way to get your products quickly and easily without having to wait for shipping. Here are some of the best local pet shops that you can check out in Barrie.

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1. Bark & Fitz - Barrie

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Bark & Fitz is a well-known pet retailer that focuses on providing high-quality fine pet products. They believe in offering the absolute best food and accessories for dogs and cats, narrowing down their options to only the best for your furry friend. This includes luxury accessories and quality essentials, such as food, treats, and toys. Additionally, Bark & Fitz has professional groomers on-site, so you can also get grooming services when you stop by for your next batch of products.

2. Essa Valley Feed and Pet Center

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Essa Valley Feed and Pet Center describes itself as offering "all your farm and pet needs in one location." Whether you have a backyard farm, a larger farm, or you just want some quality pet food and supplies, this is a great place to check out. On top of their dog and cat food options, they also provide equine and poultry feed, products for your garden, bird seed, and supplies for raising small livestock. Check them out if you want a unique local option for your pet, farm, or garden.

3. Tail Blazers

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Tail Blazers is a local, family-run business with a focus on raw foods. The owners are well-educated when it comes to pet nutrition, and they’re always ready to help you find the right food for your furry friend. They also offer a wide range of toys, treats, carriers, and bedding, making this a perfect one-stop local shop for your dog or cat.

4. Wilderness Raw

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Wilderness Raw began their journey when the founder saw first-hand the transformative effects that a tailored, nutritional diet could have on a rescue dog. What began with helping people find healthy food for their pets became much more than that, with toys and other accessories filling their shelves. Wilderness Raw is popular with the local community and is known for its strong customer service and wide selection of pet supplies. Bring along your furry friends if you’re going in-person. If not, they offer shipping through their website.

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Every pet needs supplies, and whether you're visiting a local pet supply company for bird feed or dog collars, you should have an array of options available to you. However, it's also important that you know which supplies are best for your specific pet, as every individual animal will have their own specific supply needs. If you're looking for help with your supply needs, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get assistance with your pet's specific needs.

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