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CONDITION DOG Gallstones in Dogs

Gallstones are solid formations of bile and other compounds that coalesce in or near the gallbladder. Gallstones occur when the chemical makeup of bile is altered, or when the movement of bile is disrupted

· 6 min read
CONDITION DOG Gastric Dilatation Volvulus: “Bloat” in Dogs

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), commonly referred to as “bloat,” is a rapidly progressing, dangerous condition that results when the stomach twists on itself. GDV causes major blockage of blood flow to organs and requires immediate medical attention.

· 6 min read
CONDITION DOG Gastritis in Dogs

Gastritis is a general term referring to inflammation of the stomach. A specific diagnosis of gastritis is rarely relevant because it does not identify the underlying condition.

· 4 min read
CONDITION DOG Gastrointestinal blockage (GI Foreign Body Obstruction) in Dogs

Gastrointestinal blockages most commonly occur when a dog swallows a large, indigestible object. As the object moves through the gastrointestinal tract, it encounters progressively smaller tubes. Eventually, it becomes stuck, and blocks the flow of intestinal contents.

· 9 min read
CONDITION DOG Glaucoma in Dogs

Glaucoma is an uncommon condition in dogs characterized by increased pressure inside the eyes (intraocular pressure, or IOP). When eyes do not properly drain aqueous humor (a type of liquid in the eye), pressure builds, which causes pain, damages ocular structures, and leads to vision loss.

· 4 min read
CONDITION DOG Glow Stick Poisoning in Dogs

Glow stick ingestion is an uncommon, but alarming toxicity that occurs when glow in the dark products such as sticks or jewelry are eaten by a dog.

· 3 min read
CONDITION DOG Grape or Raisin Poisoning in Dogs

Grape toxicosis is poisoning caused by the ingestion of a toxic dose of grapes, raisins, or currants.

· 4 min read
CONDITION DOG Grass Awn Migration (Foxtails) in Dogs

Foxtails and other grass awns, are a common form of seed dispersal for many types of grass. Awns have numerous bristles that allow the seed head to embed in the skin and orifices of animals and their shape makes them difficult to remove

· 6 min read

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