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Dog parks greatly benefit the community. They’re great spaces for dogs to run around in a safe area, breathe in the fresh air, and socialize with other dogs and humans. They’re also great for humans too, as it’s a good place to get in some exercise, commune with nature, and meet with other puppy parents. If you want to bring your dog to a dog park, check out these dog parks in Seattle.

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1. Washington Park Arboretum

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The Washington Park Arboretum is managed both by the University of Washington Botanic Gardens and the City of Seattle. Located on the shores of Lake Washington, this 230-acre park allows leashed dogs to walk its various trails. This area is a great space to lose yourself in nature. You’ll only be disturbed by the occasional passersby, often on bikes or with their dogs. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables for dog owners to rest, too. Also, keep an eye out for local wildlife. Dogs are welcome in all locations of the park except inside buildings and the Japanese Garden.

2. Blue Dog Pond Off-Leash Area

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Blue Dog Pond is a nearly two-acre off-leash dog park. Located close to I-90, this dog park is great for getting some stretches in before heading out for a long car ride. This park is fully fenced in, with hills and grassy areas perfect for running around. Walk around with your pup to check out (and sniff) the sculptures displayed around the park, including a gigantic blue dog right at the entrance.

3. Magnusson Park Off-Leash Area

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In the northeast corner of Warren G. Magnuson Park is the biggest fenced-in dog park in Seattle. At over eight acres, this dog park is a puppy paradise. This park is fenced-in on all sides, other than the area that opens to the shores of Lake Washington, where your pup can splash in the water or climb on the rocks. This park also has grass and compacted gravel, which protects paws and reduces the amount of mud. If your dog is feeling overstimulated, or if you just want to get away from other dogs or people, there is also a fenced-in trail worth checking out.

4. Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area

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Westcrest Park’s Off-Leash Area is a large dog park spanning over eight acres. This park is full of large open spaces, with gravel pits for dogs to run around on. This park also has lots of greenery, including tall trees and winding nature trails. Take the trails to immerse yourself in nature. Some parts of the trail are also great spaces to take a breathtaking view of the city.

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Going to the dog park can be a great experience for your pet, and if you’re in Seattle, there are plenty of dog parks to choose from. While there are lots of benefits to going to a dog park, they aren’t ideal for every dog. Dog parks can be scary for small and anxious dogs, or dogs that are prone to getting sick. If you’re unsure about dog parks, consider booking a virtual vet appointment through Vetster. You can connect with a vet to discuss your concerns about your dog’s health when going to a dog park.

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