Using Vetster to support pet weight loss

Using Vetster to support pet weight loss - Vetster

According to a recent report from The Morris Animal Foundation, the majority of dogs and cats in the US are overweight. With about 56% of dogs, 60% of cats, and 30% of horses qualifying as obese, owners are looking for support to help their pets lose weight. They’re coming to veterinarians for information on all aspects of obesity treatment and prevention, and that includes advice about what and how to feed their pets.

Virtual care is an ideal medium for providing pet owners with the information, products, and ongoing support they need to improve their pets’ health with successful weight loss. Nearly one-third of owners with overweight or obese pets classified their pet as “normal”, “ideal”, or “thin” when asked by their veterinary professional. This tells us that client education is a critical component of obesity prevention and treatment. Vetster’s client education resources are there to help you explain how to prevent obesity in dogs and cats. Our curated collection of articles explaining pet health conditions is also easily searchable so you can share articles on treating obesity in dogs and cats.

VesterRx makes it easy for you to connect clients with the products they need. Remember to consider a diet recommendation when you find yourself discussing:

  • Appropriate food choices
  • Portion sizes and calorie calculators
  • Feeding schedules
  • Impact of obesity and weight loss on overall health
  • Arthritis management

It’s easy to search VetsterRx for nutritional recommendations. Just start typing in what you’re looking for, then click the “Nutrition” tab to filter your search results accordingly. We currently carry several options for weight control/obesity management diets that you can easily recommend to help obese pets lose weight and enjoy happier, healthier, longer lives.

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Our easy-to-use “Request Follow-up” feature is readily accessible for each appointment so you can stay in touch and build the kinds of relationships pet parents are looking for. Don’t forget to include a discount code as an extra incentive for the client to comply with your recommendations for a recheck. Learn how to generate your own promo codes here.

Providing ongoing nutritional coaching is a great way to grow your virtual practice. Brick-and-mortar clinics often struggle to find the time to develop a thorough nutrition strategy and provide ongoing support.  Cat owners in particular are less likely to follow up when they have to physically go in to the clinic. Virtual care appointments are a key entry point into building relationships with clients who want the best for their pets, but find it hard to get to the vet. You have an opportunity through virtual care to help pet owners manage their pets weight and overall health and wellbeing.

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