Mastering Vetster’s Versatile Prescribing Tools on VetsterRx

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Mastering Vetster’s Versatile Prescribing Tools on VetsterRx - Vetster

The ability to prescribe and help pet owners find solutions to their pets ailment is an important part of the Vetster platform. VetsterRx is a feature within our service that enables veterinarians to offer prescription and non-prescription medications, diets, and pet-related products to pet owners as part of their virtual experience.

Key benefits for your clients include: Treatment options for their pet, immediacy to receiving medications, convenient access to care no matter their location.  Additionally, by using VetsterRx the Rx history is maintained in their medical record. VetsterRx is also a great way to connect pet owners with therapeutic diets and other nutritional recommendations.

"Dr. Berdan was wonderful!! She took plenty of time with me, explained the medication and treatment very well, and l left the appointment very happy! Meds were refilled and will ship right to my door which I love! I’ll definitely see this vet again!!" - Trudi C.

What is VetsterRx?

VetsterRx is our online pharmacy where medications, supplements, nutrition and diagnostic tests are made available for prescription and/or recommendation by a veterinary professional to a client. Depending on what country you and your client are located, VetsterRx may have different features and functionality:

  • United States - In the US, VetsterRx includes a free form prescription pad which can be fulfilled at a clinic or local human pharmacy as well as diagnostics. Through our partnership with PetMeds, we have integrated our platform to offer online purchasing and direct-to-home shipping for added convenience. Through our partnership with MySimplePetLabs, you can also provide your client with an at-home fecal test for common parasites.
  • Canada - In Canada, pet owners can fulfill their freeform prescription at most local human pharmacies like Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall in addition to compounding pharmacies, and online pet pharmacies.
  • United Kingdom - Freeform prescriptions can be called into local clinics, pet pharmacies and some human pharmacies.

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How to Use the VestserRx Freeform Prescription Pad?

All prescriptions, regardless of geography, should be created within VetsterRx. [For those outside the US or if a client prefers to purchase their Rx at a human pharmacy or other retailer, the freeform Rx pad is where you will include your prescription directive.]

VetsterRx fulfilled by PetMeds (US)

VetsterRx allows American veterinarians to easily search the inventory for both prescription items and over-the-counter (OTC) items.

Here, you can identify the medication, quantity and dosing for the client. You can also add in refill information.

Once complete, the client will be able to purchase the mediation directly within their Vetster account. The prescription is then fulfilled by PetMeds and shipped directly to the customer’s address.

This partnership has been a tremendous advantage for pet owners and a great customer experience.

When prescription medication and OTC items are entered into the VetsterRx search feature and the necessary details are provided, PetMeds reaches out to the client directly and takes it from there.

Using VetsterRx makes it easy to capture and keep a history of all prescriptions provided to the pet owner within the Vetster platform, making it easy to see their medication history at their next appointment. . Prescriptions entered elsewhere, such as in the “Plan” section of the DAP template of the medical record will not appear in any reports searching only for prescriptions. Our platform displays all prescriptions previously provided for the pet for easy viewing on the appointments page.

Please use the prescription tool for ALL prescriptions, regardless of if you are a US vet using VesterRX to connect the client to PetMeds or not. You are encouraged to fully utilize your capacity as a licensed veterinarian and make treatment recommendations for both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications whenever indicated.

This blog post provides a closer look at the VetsterRx workflow.