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Nutrition consultations on Vetster - Vetster

Veterinary telehealth has emerged as a transformative tool in the field of animal healthcare taking on bigger roles in providing care that is not always possible in a traditional clinic environment. Nutrition coaching is quickly emerging as an ideal online service for pet owners - after all, food is its own love language between pets and their owners.

What pet owners often don’t know is just how important proper nutrition can be to the overall health and longevity of their animals. Nutrition consultations are a great fit for using virtual care because they are:

  • Foundational for enhancing pet health and well-being
  • Supplemental to management of chronic conditions
  • Information-based and educational in nature
  • Often non-invasive and based on a visual assessment
  • Reliant on multiple follow-ups over the course of the pet’s life
  • A convenient and accessible solution today’s clients demand
  • Readily integrated with online food ordering and delivery
  • A tool for managing chronic conditions with dietary therapy

Pet health and well-being

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the overall health and well-being of pets everywhere. By utilizing veterinary telehealth for nutrition consultations, pet owners gain access to your professional advice on selecting appropriate diets tailored to their pets' specific needs. This service empowers pet owners to make informed decisions regarding their pets' nutritional requirements, ensuring they receive the best possible care. It can be difficult to give this important topic the time and attention it deserves during a busy day in-clinic, so setting up dedicated times for virtual nutrition consultations allows you to provide the client with a better experience and more value.

Chronic conditions

Obesity is one of the most common preventable diseases of dogs in North America, with statistics showing that more than 50% of dogs are overweight.  Virtual care appointments are ideally suited for providing pet owners the ongoing support and instruction they need to be successful with their pets’ weight loss plans. By establishing yourself as a trusted source for weight loss guidance, you attract pet owners seeking professional assistance in managing their pets' weight, which can lead to an increase in virtual consultations.

Dietary therapy is also critical for managing many common chronic conditions in pets, and virtual care is the perfect way to complement in-person care for these patients over the long term. By making yourself accessible to these clients with the convenience of a virtual care consultation, you can help pet owners get the information they need to give these special pets the best care possible.

Educational in nature

Nutrition consultations rely heavily on a two-way exchange of information between the veterinarian and pet owner. Scheduling a virtual care appointment facilitates this exchange by ensuring you have the time you need to ask open-ended questions about the pet’s diet, feeding habits, medical history and lifestyle. This in turn enables you to gather comprehensive data for making informed dietary recommendations.

Client education is one of the main focuses of nutrition consultations, and telehealth is perfect for teaching pet owners about various aspects of pet nutrition, such as appropriate food choices, portion sizes, feeding schedules, and the impact of nutrition on overall health.

Non-invasive, visual assessment

Nutrition consultations are typically non-invasive. They involve discussions about the pet's current diet, nutritional requirements, and any concerns related to their nutrition.

While physical examinations are an essential part of veterinary medicine, nutrition consultations focus heavily on visual assessments. Evaluating a pet's body condition, weight, coat quality, and overall appearance can provide valuable insights into their nutritional status and is essential for monitoring progress. Especially when combined with a client’s report on the pet’s body weight, these visual assessments can often be effectively conducted through video consultations, allowing you to observe and analyze the pet's physical condition remotely. With a little practice, you can perfect the art of the virtual physical exam. Additionally, be sure to follow our monthly Virtual Vet Spotlight feature to see how your colleagues are succeeding on Vetster. Find them all on our vet blog here.

When using virtual nutrition consultations to supplement in-person care for dietary management of chronic conditions, you may increase client compliance by making follow-ups and rechecks more convenient for the client.  This increases opportunities for early intervention when the plan needs to change.

Engages pet owners in ongoing care

Nutrition consultations typically require ongoing follow-up and monitoring to ensure the prescribed dietary plan is effective and well-tolerated by the pet. Telehealth platforms allow for regular virtual check-ins, where you can assess the pet's progress, address any concerns, and make necessary adjustments to the diet plan. This follow-up and monitoring can be efficiently conducted through telehealth, ensuring consistent support and guidance. This continuous feedback loop enhances the effectiveness of nutrition consultations, ensuring pets receive optimal care throughout their lives.

Meeting clients where they are

Telehealth provides a convenient and accessible means for pet owners to seek expert advice on their pet's nutrition. It eliminates the need for physical travel that both pets and their owners often find stressful, even under the best of circumstances.  Virtual care also offers flexible appointment scheduling, enabling individuals from remote areas or with limited mobility to access professional guidance without the usual constraints. The convenience factor encourages more pet owners to prioritize their pet's nutrition and seek veterinary assistance when needed.

VetsterRx online ordering

VetsterRx makes recommending a therapeutic diet easy. In the US, use VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds, to search for the therapeutic diet you recommend and the client can purchase it at the end of their appointment. We’ll then ship the item directly to their home.

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Integrating nutrition consultations and dietary recommendations is a great way to grow your virtual practice. You have the opportunity to revolutionize the way pet owners access professional guidance and provide optimal nutrition for their beloved pets. We encourage you to indicate nutrition as one of your so you can take advantage of how this innovative approach enhances compliance, convenience, accessibility, and curated care to promote the health and well-being of pets everywhere.

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