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VesterRx Workflow - Vetster

Vester recognizes the significance of providing prescriptions and assisting pet owners in finding solutions for their pets’ ailments. You were introduced to our in-app prescribing feature, VetsterRx, in this blog post and learned how our VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by Pet Meds empowers veterinarians to extend prescription and non-prescription medications, diets, and pet-related products to pet owners as part of their virtual experience. Think of VesterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds like a pet-focused neighborhood pharmacy, with space dedicated to both prescription medications and over-the-counter healthcare products.

VetsterRx is available in all regions and allows you to enter recommendations you arrive at during your virtual care appointments. At the present time in Canada and  the UK, VetsterRx includes a freeform prescription pad where prescriptions and recommendations for OTC products, including diets, can be entered the same way as if you were writing them out on a prescription pad. In addition to using the freeform pad for prescriptions and OTC items, US veterinarians can streamline the process with VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds.

By utilizing VetsterRx, your clients can reap several key advantages. These include easy access to diverse treatment options for their pets, prompt receipt of medications, and the convenience of seeking care regardless of their geographical location. Furthermore, the utilization of VetsterRx ensures that their prescription history is diligently maintained in their medical records. Read on for a detailed look at the VesterRx workflow.

Finding VetsterRx in the app

The VetsterRx prescription tool is featured on each appointment page. From your dashboard, click on any appointment, past or upcoming, to see it.  Look for the section of the page labeled “Prescriptions”. Please note that all your recommendations are captured here, whether they’re for prescription medication, therapeutic diets, or OTC products. In this section, you will find:

  • A summary of any previous prescriptions, or “There are no prescriptions yet”
  • The “add prescription” tab
  • A tab to click to order a fecal diagnostic kit and follow up exam (US veterinarians only).

You will also see a VCPR note that varies depending on the relevant jurisdiction's status.

US Veterinarians: VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds allows you to easily enter prescription information, as well as connect clients with diets and other OTC items and have them fulfilled through our partnership with PetMeds. Scroll to the “Prescriptions” area on the appointment screen and click “Add prescription”.

From there, follow these steps:

  1. Double check patient information, especially body weight
  2. Start your search under “Find a Product”
  3. Select ALL, RX, or OTC
  4. Start typing the drug name
  5. Select you choice from the drop down options that appear, clearly labeled RX or OTC, from the PetMeds inventory

You may use VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds to search for and recommend OTC products from the PetMeds inventory and enter them the same way you would a prescription. Please note that using the prescription tool to connect the client with an OTC product that’s available from PetMeds does not constitute “prescribing” or require a VCPR.  If you have provided a non-VCPR client with general information about an OTC product and want them to be able to seamlessly order the product, it’s perfectly acceptable to use the VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds so they receive the offer to purchase it there.

All Veterinarians: If using VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds is not an option, enter your prescription information using our free-form prescription pad. The free-form prescription pad is the only option for veterinarians outside the US, but US veterinarians can find it by clicking the three dots to the right of the “Find a Product” and select “Add a freeform prescription.” Follow the prompts like you would on a typical prescription pad entering the name of the medication, quantity, strength, number, refills, etc.  If you want to recommend a retail/OTC item and fulfillment by PetMeds isn’t an option, there’s no need to use the prescription pad. Just enter product information or even a link to it in the Plan section of your DAP.

Prescription fulfillment on VesterRx

When a US veterinarian uses VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds to select a prescription product or an OTC item, PetMeds takes it from there by contacting the owner to arrange payment and shipping.

When you enter a free-form prescription, the information is stored there for your use when you call the prescription in to the pharmacy of the client’s choosing. You may also download it to fax or email to the client or their pharmacy of choice. In all cases, the prescription tool records the prescription as part of the medical record in an easily searched, consistent location.

Whether you’re a US veterinarian using VetsterRx Online Pharmacy fulfilled by PetMeds or are using the free-form pad, make sure to let your client know what to expect and what their next steps are.

Using the prescription tool to harness the power of our virtual platform

Effectively using the prescriptions tool on Vetster allows you to provide clients with a top-tier virtual care experience.  We encourage you to fully utilize your licensing and maximize the scope of care you offer to practice telehealth that is ethical, responsible, legal, and that leads to good outcomes.  Making recommendations for OTC products often comes up organically during consultations, and using VetsterRx to seamlessly connect clients to these items from PetMeds helps you provide excellent service.  US veterinarians practicing telemedicine on our platform can use the VetsterRx tool to have prescriptions fulfilled by PetMeds and shipped directly to the client, and all veterinarians can use the free-form prescription template to record all other prescriptions.

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