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VesterRx workflow - Vetster

Vester recognizes the significance of providing prescriptions and assisting pet owners in finding solutions for their pets’ ailments. We introduced our in-app prescribing feature, VetsterRx, in this blog post and demonstrated how VetsterRx fulfilled by Pet MedsⓇ empowers US veterinarians to extend prescription and non-prescription medications, diets, and pet-related products to pet owners as part of their virtual experience.

The VetsterRx feature is available in all regions and is where all product and medication recommendations should be entered. At the present time in Canada and the UK, VetsterRx includes a freeform pad where prescriptions and recommendations for OTC products, including diets, can be entered the same way they would be in a brick-and-mortar setting. US veterinarians have the additional option to streamline the process with VetsterRx fulfilled by PetMedsⓇ, including automated product/medication suggestions based on the client’s chief complaint.

VetsterRx provides clients with several key advantages. These include easy access to diverse treatment options for their pets, prompt receipt of medications from either PetMedsⓇ or the pharmacy of their choice, and the convenience of obtaining pet care regardless of their geographic location.  Furthermore, VetsterRx ensures that their prescription and OTC product history is diligently maintained and easily searched in the medical record. Read on for a detailed look at the VetsterRx workflow.

Finding VetsterRx in the app

The VetsterRx tool is featured on each appointment page. From the dashboard, click on any appointment, past or upcoming, to see it. It’s also easily found near the bottom of the page during an appointment. An area labeled “Prescriptions'' appears for veterinarians in the UK and Canada. US veterinarians see a search field along with automatically-generated product suggestions for fulfillment by PetMedsⓇ. Please note that for proper records maintenance all recommendations should be captured here, whether they’re for prescription medication, therapeutic diets, or OTC products.

US Veterinarians: VetsterRx fulfilled by PetMedsⓇ allows for easy entry of prescription information, as well as connecting clients with diets and other OTC items for fulfillment through Vetster’s partnership with PetMedsⓇ. The search field streamlines finding nutrition, prescription, and OTC products that don’t appear in the product selections that are automatically generated based on the client’s chief complaint.

From there, follow these steps:

  1. Double check patient information, especially body weight and review any other medications the pet is already on for potential interactions
  2. Review the suggested products and click on one to open an expanded list of related choices, or
  3. Start typing the name of the desired product in the search field
  4. Select ALL, RX, OTC, or NUTRITION to filter results if needed
  5. Select from the drop-down options that appear, clearly labeled RX or OTC, from the PetMedsⓇ inventory

Use VetsterRx fulfilled by PetMedsⓇ to search for and recommend OTC products, then enter them the same way as a prescription. Please note that using the VetsterRx tool to connect the client with an OTC product available from PetMedsⓇ does not constitute “prescribing” or require a VCPR.  During a consultation where a non-VCPR client has been given general information about an OTC product, VetsterRx can be used to provide seamless ordering of the product. This is the most efficient way to ensure clients get exactly the right product while also enjoying the convenience of online ordering and home delivery.

US veterinarians also see a tab to click on to order a fecal diagnostic kit in VetsterRx.

All Veterinarians: The VetsterRx free-form pad is the only option for veterinarians outside the US, but US veterinarians can find it by clicking the three dots to the right of the “Find a Product” then selecting “Add a freeform prescription.” Follow the prompts and enter the name of the medication, quantity, strength, number, refills, etc. Enter OTC product information here as well so it shows up in summaries of what’s been recommended to the client.

Prescription fulfillment on VesterRx

The workflow for selecting a prescription or OTC product is short and streamlined for US veterinarians using VetsterRx fulfilled by PetMedsⓇ. Once the necessary details are selected, Vetster automatically takes it from there to arrange payment and shipping.

When using the free-form pad, the information is stored there for use when calling the prescription into the client’s preferred pharmacy. It may also be downloaded to fax or email to the client or their pharmacy of choice. In all cases, the prescription tool records the prescription as part of the medical record in an easily searched, consistent location.

When using either VetsterRx fulfilled by PetMedsⓇ or the free-form pad, make sure to let clients know what to expect and what their next steps are.

Using VetsterRx to harness the power of our virtual platform

Effectively using VetsterRx provides clients with a top-tier virtual care experience.  We encourage veterinarians on Vetster to maximize the scope of care offered while practicing telehealth that is ethical, responsible, legal, and that leads to good outcomes. Recommendations for OTC products often come up organically during consultations, and using VetsterRx to seamlessly connect clients to OTC items from PetMedsⓇ leads to an excellent client experience. US veterinarians practicing telemedicine on our platform can use the VetsterRx tool to have prescriptions fulfilled by PetMedsⓇ and shipped directly to the client, and all veterinarians can use the free-form template to record all other prescriptions.