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Every loving and responsible pet parent understands the value of providing their furry companions with the best care. Even so, finding the right products and services for your pet can be daunting if you live in a region without many pet shops or pet care businesses. Fortunately, Saskatchewan has many local pet shops that offer quality products for pets of all kinds, sizes, and ages, as well as services such as grooming, training, and boarding. Here are some great options to source Regina.

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1. Metro Pet Market Regina Downtown

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Metro Pet Market is a local pet store that aims to provide the best health and wellness products for common household pets. These products include cat and dog food, pet beds, toys, and hygiene products. The best part is that all their products are thoroughly tested and scrutinized to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Moreover, Metro Pet Market exclusively sources its products from reputable brands, including household names like Northwest Naturals, Grandma Lucy’s, WellyTails, Valens, and OLIE Naturals.

2. House of Paws Pet Boutique

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House of Paws Pet Boutique sells wholesome pet foods and treats, including nuggets, broths, frozen foods, and dried raw foods. Their staff comprises seasoned food experts who collaborate with pet parents to create meal options for pets with special dietary requirements. In addition to its selection of treats, this pet shop offers a range of enrichment products, including chews, toys, puzzles, and accessories.

3. Pet Station

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Pet Station is a family owned business committed to providing healthy and nutritious foods for cats and dogs. The business offers a variety of special dry foods, biscuits, canned foods, natural treats, and chews. All its products are sourced from top brands like Acana, Beco Pets, Canadian Naturals, Nutri Select, and Origen. The pet store offers free delivery in Regina on orders over $50. They also offer non-local delivery to select cities like Pilot Butte, White City, and Emerald Park. If you need to give your dog a quick wash, drop by their self-serve wash station, where you’ll be provided with a designated wash area and high-quality grooming supplies to get the job done.

4. The Cathedral Pet Shop

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The Cathedral Pet Shop is an independent pet store located in the heart of Cathedral Village. Whether you are looking for treats, dry foods, wet foods, or frozen foods for cats and dogs, you can depend on the business to serve quality products from top brands, both local and foreign. The Cathedral Pet Shop also sells enrichment items, such as toys, chews, and accessories, and offers home delivery for all their products except for frozen raw foods.

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Shopping for pet supplies from your local store is advantageous for several reasons. Besides offering convenience due to proximity, you’re also likely to get more personalized services from a familiar business. That said, not every product offered by your local store may be suitable for your pet’s needs, and depending on its age, genetic disposition, and health status, some products may even be harmful, so before you shop for any consumables, grooming supplies, or toys from a pet store, it’s vital to ensure that the products don't contain any ingredients that may be unsafe for your pet. If you’re unsure whether a particular product is appropriate for your pet, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get advice from a veterinarian.

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