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Local pet shops are great for the community. While they don’t have as large a selection as big-box stores, local shops can provide you with high-quality pet supplies. Local pet shops also have expertise and knowledge, and can even connect you with other pet service providers, pet owners, and events, so the next time you’re shopping for your pet, make sure to check out some of these local pet shops in Halifax.

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1. Best Friends Pet Supplies

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Best Friends has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years providing the community with holistic pet food, healthy products, and reliable expertise. They also do their best to carry as many local and national products as possible. Some brands you will find in this store include Primal, Petcurean, and Taste of the Wild. Best Friends is also proud to give back to the community by supporting local organizations, animal shelters, and local schools.

2. Wag & Meow Healthy Pet Bakery

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Wag & Meow Healthy Pet Bakery provides healthy, preservative-free pet treats for your cat and dog, and they also offer treats for other animals, including rabbits, pigs, and horses. Here you can find dog cakes, cupcakes, donuts, and cake pops. Wag & Meow also offer wholesale orders and custom orders. Just be sure to drop them a message on their website or social media. Wag & Meow doesn’t have its own retail space, but you can buy its treats through markets and pet stores in the city. Most of these shops primarily offer their dehydrated treats for purchase. If you want their non-dehydrated treats or custom orders, it's best to order from their website.

3. Hello Pets

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Hello Pets is a local pet shop with a strong community focus. They have a large selection of pet foods, including both wet and dry varieties, frozen raw foods, and freeze dried foods. They have Kibble Drizzle sauces to help spice up your pet’s dinner, as well as plenty of treat options for dessert. Beyond meals, Hello Pets also offers toys, grooming and bathing supplies, carriers and crates, and other pet accessories. The owners give everything a personal touch and offer advice and friendly service whether you’re a first-time pet owner or a seasoned veteran.

4. Planet Paws Pet Essentials

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Planet Paws Pet Essentials offers dog foods, treats, and other accessories, making them a perfect one-stop shop for all of your dog’s needs. The business was started by Rodney Habib, an influential pet-health blogger and animal activist. He and his staff go above and beyond to make sure their customers find the right food for their pets. A portion of their proceeds go to Paws for Change, a foundation furthering pet nutrition research, and their website offers a wide range of pet food recipes you can make at home.

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Whether you own cats, dogs, or exotic pets, you know that pets need lots of supplies to survive. Thankfully, these local shops have you covered. From aquarium supplies to homemade pet treats, there’s something for everyone. But if you’re not sure about what to get, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster. Connect with a veterinarian right in the comfort of your home, and ask any pet supply questions you may have.

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