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Dog parks are great spaces for pets and their owners. If you’re planning on going to a dog park with your dog, there are plenty of dog parks in Halifax where your dog can exercise, socialize, and experience nature. Here are just a few places for you and your dog to enjoy the outdoors.

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1. Point Pleasant Park

Off leash

Point Pleasant Park is a large, municipal park spanning 75 hectares (185 acres) of wooded areas, with 39 km (24 miles) of various trails. This historic park once hosted various artillery batteries. The Prince of Wales Tower still stands in the park, making it the oldest Martello tower in North America. But whether you’re a history buff or not, this is the go-to park for dog owners who would love to go on walking trails with their pups. Note that not all paths are off-leash, so be sure to pay attention to signs and keep an eye on your dog at all times. Likewise, dogs aren’t allowed on Sailor Memorial’s Way after 10 a.m., but there are plenty of other trails to try out.

2. Fort Needham Memorial Park

Off leash

Ford Needham Memorial Park is a tribute to the Halifax Explosion in 1917. This park was established in the 1950s to rebuild the neighborhood after it was devastated by the explosion. Other than paying homage to the history of the city, this park also hosts various features, including a children’s playground, various picnic tables, a sports field, wooded areas, and an off-leash dog park. This park is a popular place due to its size. There’s ample space to run around in and play with your pooch. There are also various trails to check out if you want to walk your dog. You can explore the rest of the park, on a leash, to learn about the city’s rich history.

3. Long Lake Provincial Park

Drinking water available Water feature

For those who would like to immerse themselves in nature, Long Lake Provincial Park is the place for you. Just a 15-minute drive from downtown, this park offers lakeside views, big trees, and wildlife. There are various activities you can do, including swimming, kayaking, mountain biking, birding, boating, and fishing. There is also a concession stand that sells various items depending on the season. This park is popular among dog owners who love to take their pooch on an adventure. You can pick between two major trails. For beginners, it’s best to start with The Lakeview Trail. However, note that all trails are on-leash.

4. Conrose Park

Off leash

Conrose Park is one of the few sports fields that turns into an off-leash dog park during the winter months. From November to May, you can bring your dog off-leash in this area. However, you are asked to put your dog back on a leash if there are ongoing sports activities. If you would like uninterrupted play, it’s best to stick to the tennis court, which becomes a fenced-in, off-leash area in winter. Poop bags aren’t provided, but there are waste baskets available.

5. Mainland Common Dedicated Off-leash Park

Off leash Drinking water available Dedicated areas

Mainland Common is one of the few public, fenced-in off-leash dog parks in the city. This park has a large open area, perfect for running around and playing fetch. Drinking water is available from a rain barrel that dispenses fresh water for your pooch. A small obstacle course is also available for more energetic dogs. For owners, there are also various shaded areas where you can stop to rest. For those who want to walk on the trails, this park has trails you could check out. Note that these trails are strictly-on leash. Also, note that this park gets muddy during rainy weather, so it’s best to avoid it or bring a towel.

A day at the dog park in Halifax

Halifax offers many different parks where you can take your dog. Whether your pet just wants to go for a short walk, go on an obstacle course, or try out a hiking trail, Halifax’s dog parks have you covered. But before going to a dog park, it’s best to make sure your pet is healthy and well-behaved. To do that, consider booking a virtual vet appointment through Vetster. Easily connect with a local veterinarian to make sure your pet is healthy, and ask for tips about how to best take care of your dog in a dog park.

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