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Dogs are part of the family, and it’s a treat to be able to take them out to dine with you. Luckily, plenty of restaurants in Halifax agree. If you want to dine with your dog, there are lots of spots in Halifax that will let you do just that. Check out these dog-friendly dining spots in Halifax.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. Julien’s Patisserie, Bakery & Café

Dog friendly Multiple outdoor seats Take out Dine in

Julien’s Patisserie Bakery and Café is a popular café in the North End. This shop offers freshly made, authentic French bread and pastries. They have a history dating back more than 30 years, with this Hydrostone location opening in 1992. Julien’s paved the way to popularizing French baked goods in Nova Scotia. You can bring your dog to Julien’s Patisserie, but you’ll have to sit outdoors. Your dog doesn’t have to feel left out as Julien’s also offers doggy treats.

2. Pavia Gallery - Espresso Bar & Café

Dog friendly Multiple outdoor seats Online ordering Take out Dine in

For those who want a romantic Italian vibe, Pavia Gallery is a good choice. Established in 2011, this shop is a combination restaurant, café, gallery, and grocery. Here you can find Italian-style food that is made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and made from scratch. Pavia also offers a small grocery section where you can find high-quality, local items, especially Italian food. You can also find a selection of wines to go with your groceries. Pavia Gallery is dog-friendly. There are multiple tables on their outdoor patio, with a doggy water bowl so your dog can stay hydrated while you eat.

3. Garrison Brewing Company

Dog friendly Multiple outdoor seats Dogs allowed indoors

Established in 1997, Garrison Brewing is an award-winning, independent microbrewery. Here you will find a wide selection of craft beers and sodas. Each flavor is distinct and full of flavor, like their Tall Ship East Coast Ale. Garrison Brewing is dog-friendly, and you can bring your dog both on their outdoor patio and inside the brewery. Because they’re not serving food, bringing your dog inside is possible, but because there’s no food, you’ll have to get creative. A popular option is ordering a pizza from Tomavinos Ristorante right on the corner, but there are also lots to choose from on Marginal Road. Garrison Brewing also makes dog treats from spent beer grains, so be sure to order some for your pup.

4. Good Robot Brewing Company

Dog friendly Multiple outdoor seats Take out Dine in

Good Robot Brewing Co. offers a quirky beer experience. With their award-winning microbrews, this brewing company aims to promote community and camaraderie. At Good Robot, nobody should feel less than human, and that extends to dogs, too! Good Robot Brewing Company is popular among dog owners for its dog-friendly, Astroturf-covered patio. This patio opened in 2015 after its owners found Astroturf on sale from an elementary school — all 10,000 pounds of it. Now this Astroturf patio is host to many dog-themed events, including grooming stations and beer-flavored dog treats. The turf is great for rolling around and for your dog’s paws.

5. Brown Hound Public House

Dog friendly Multiple outdoor seats Take out Dine in

The Brown Hound Public House is a traditional English pub, perfect for those in the mood for fish and chips and the pub’s seasonal lobster rolls. This dog-friendly pub is named after two brown hounds, to cultivate the British pub culture in Halifax. Stop by for a casual atmosphere with draft beers and pub fare. True to its name, The Brown Hound Pub is pet-friendly. They have an outdoor patio table where dogs are allowed to stay when the weather is warm.

Doggy dining in Halifax

There are plenty of spots in Halifax where you can dine with your dog. Many will even give you treats and a water bowl! So, whether you’re stopping for brunch from a walk, or dining out alongside your family, there’s something for all dog owners in Halifax. Before you bring your dog to a restaurant, it’s important to make sure it’s healthy and well-behaved. To ask about your dog’s health and behavior, book a virtual vet appointment through Vetster to ask a veterinarian.

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