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Our mission

Providing pet parents with access to quality pet health care at an affordable price, anytime, anywhere.

At your fingertips, a complete, affordable, real-time pet care solution resulting in proactive health care for pets globally. Using our sophisticated technology, pet parents take a proactive approach to managing their pet’s health and well-being. Join the movement!

Meet our leadership

  • Mark Bordo

    Co-founder & CEO

    Mark has been a tech entrepreneur with a focus on consumer marketplaces for over 20 years. He is excited to have the chance to pair his love for animals with his tech marketplace experience and work with this great industry helping to transform pet care.

  • Regan Johnson

    Co-founder & CTO

    Regan is a technology entrepreneur who has built enterprise-level marketplaces for over 17 years. Combining key strengths in product, development, and design with his love for animals, Regan brings unrivaled passion & energy to the pet care industry.

  • Ari Birman

    VP of Finance

    Ari is an accomplished senior financial professional with experience in financial management, business development support, acquisitions and online marketplaces. Ari grew up with dogs and has always been a strong advocate for animal rights.

  • Emma Harris

    VP of Market Management

    Emma Harris has been operating within virtual veterinary care since 2016. As Director of Strategy for Vetster, Emma plays a cross-functional role supporting product and partnership development, sales, marketing and general management. Prior to Vetster, she owned and operated Healthy Pets, a Canadian veterinary telehealth platform.

  • Dr. Sarah Machell

    Medical Director

    Dr. Sarah Machell is a licensed, practicing veterinarian a 1997 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. She brings 18 years of experience in the establishment & growth of 2 successful small businesses in Oakville, Ontario; a small animal veterinary practice with 20 employees & an adjunct retail pet store.

  • Cerys Goodall

    VP of Operations

    Cerys is a change agent with 20 years of experience helping leading tech startups to move from ideation to growth through the power of communications, brand development, and operations. Her passion and energy for defining and leading new markets combined with the incredible team and technology at Vetster will transform how pet parents and veterinarians take care of their pets.

Meet our awesome team

Meet the amazing people that are dedicated to building a more accessible world for pet health care.

  • VC

    Vik Chopra

    Sr. Product Manager

  • TW

    Timothy Winters

    Principal Software Engineer

  • BO

    Bobak Oftadeh

    Software Engineer

  • DD

    Danylo Dotsenko

    Software Engineer

  • PV

    Petar Vukasinovic

    Engineering Manager

  • IP

    Ivan Pesic

    Full-stack Software Engineer II

  • AK

    Ante Koceic

    Mobile Engineer

  • AB

    Marko Jovic

    Mobile Engineer

  • ZM

    Zoran Mitrovic

    Frontend Software Engineer II

  • JM

    Jane Mekler

    Director of Business Development

  • MM

    Mark Miotto

    Director of Business Development

  • LA

    Lauren Azzopardi

    Head of Customer Experience

  • DS

    Danie Smith

    Customer Experience

  • SS

    Stacy Sole

    Customer Experience

  • NM

    Natalie Manahan

    Customer Experience

  • AE

    Adrienne Eve

    Customer Experience

  • RM

    Ryan Mills

    Creative Director

  • SB

    Stephanie Bell

    UI/UX Designer

  • BT

    Ben Tuff


  • CC

    Caren Carrasco


  • DM

    Daniel Mo


  • AF

    Anabelle Laframboise


  • TV

    Tara Velestuk

    Affiliate Manager

  • SH

    Susan Haddow

    Partner Acquisition

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