Vetster expands telehealth platform with personalized nutrition services for your pet!

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Vetster expands telehealth platform with personalized nutrition services for your pet! - Introducing personalized nutrition services

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Vetster’s new personalized nutrition services. Combining the expertise of licensed veterinarians with a vast selection of therapeutic food, treats and supplements, getting high-quality, vet-recommended nutrition products has never been easier.

The challenge of pet nutrition

Did you know that over 50% of pets are overweight, yet 90% of pet parents don’t realize it? As pet owners, we strive to provide the best for our furry pals, but finding the right food and supplements can be a daunting task. Now you can now easily manage your pet’s nutritional health in one convenient platform.

Personalized nutrition plans developed by veterinarians

Book a nutrition appointment for your pet any time, anywhere and get access to thousands of top-rated veterinarians, each with a wealth of experience and knowledge creating personalized nutrition plans. Discuss your pet’s specific needs, including life stage, allergies, medical conditions, and activity level to get a customized nutrition plan from home — taking the guesswork out of managing your pet’s nutrition.

Hundreds of vet-approved products with convenient home delivery

Vetster vets can now prescribe from hundreds of vet-recommended therapeutic food and supplements addressing a wide range of dietary issues, including:

Products are shipped directly to your door with free standard shipping on most orders over $49 (USD), and managing refills is a breeze through Vetster’s user-friendly app.

All-in-one platform for pet health

Nutrition is just one aspect of Vetster’s all-in-one platform to manage your pet’s health. With Vetster, you can easily book online vet appointments, conveniently store and share your pet’s medical records, plus track their weight, health progress, and more. Our user-friendly web and mobile apps for both Android and iOS ensure that you can stay connected with your pet’s health no matter where you are.

“We recognize the challenges pet parents face in determining the right food for their pet, from time constraints to limited access to qualified professionals,” said Mark Bordo, CEO and Cofounder, Vetster. “By providing nutrition consultations with licensed veterinarians and home-delivery of nutrition products, Vetster has taken a crucial step forward in giving pet parents the ability to easily manage their pet’s health through all stages of life – from early growth and development to senior pet care – in one convenient, easy-to-use platform.”

Join us in this exciting journey to give your pets the nutrition they deserve. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier pet by booking a nutrition consultation today!