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CONDITION HORSE Parasite Infection (Leishmaniasis) in Horses

Leishmaniasis in horses is a disease caused by infection by the protozoa *Leishmania,* which is transmitted to horses through a sandfly bite.

· 4 min read
CONDITION HORSE Paspalum Staggers in Horses

Paspalum staggers in horses is a rare neurological condition caused by the ingestion of dallis grass (*Paspalum dilatatum*) that is infested by parasitic fungi.

· 3 min read
CONDITION HORSE Pigeon Fever (Dryland distemper) in Horses

Pigeon fever is a common bacterial infection of horses caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis. Even though most affected horses don’t get a fever, it takes its name from the way the associated abscesses shape the horse’s chest to resemble a pigeon breast

· 5 min read
CONDITION HORSE Piroplasmosis in Horses

Piroplasmosis is a tick-borne parasitic disease of horses. Most infected horses do not develop symptoms of piroplasmosis.

· 5 min read
CONDITION HORSE Pleuropneumonia (Shipping Fever) in Horses

Pleuropneumonia is an infection in horses of the lungs and the space around the lungs, usually caused by one or more types of bacteria.

· 7 min read
CONDITION HORSE Potomac Horse Fever

Potomac horse fever (PHF) is an intestinal infection caused by Neorickettsia risticii, a bacteria that is transmitted from a parasite affecting snails, to aquatic insects, and then ingested by the horse.

· 5 min read
CONDITION HORSE Premature Placental Separation (Red Bag Delivery) in Horses

Premature placental separation (also known as Red Bag Delivery) in horses occurs when the outer layer of the placenta does not burst as delivery begins and instead travels down the birth canal.

· 7 min read
CONDITION HORSE Prepubic Tendon Rupture in Horses

Prepubic tendon (PPT) rupture in horses is a serious condition in which there is a tear in the tendon that runs between the pubic bone and the abdominal wall.

· 7 min read
CONDITION HORSE Protein Deposits in Kidneys (Amyloidosis) in Horses

Amyloidosis in horses is when amyloids, incorrectly formed proteins, deposit in the tissues due to chronic inflammation or cancers.

· 4 min read
CONDITION HORSE Puncture Wounds to the Hoof in Horses

**A puncture wound to the hoof is an extremely common injury in horses and is always considered an emergency.**

· 4 min read
CONDITION HORSE Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Toxicosis in Horses

Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid (PA) toxicosis occurs when horses ingest a toxic dose of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, a group of organic compounds produced by a wide variety of plants as a natural insecticide.

· 6 min read

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