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CONDITION HORSE Gastric Ulcers (ESGUS and EGGUS) in Horses

Gastric ulcers are sores inside the lining of the stomach. In horses, two types of gastric ulcers have been identified: upper and lower. Ulcers found in the upper area of the stomach are often caused by intense performance demands or stress.

· 6 min read
CONDITION HORSE Gastrointestinal Impaction in Horses

Gastrointestinal impactions are compact masses of feed or other material that get stuck in specific locations along the digestive tract of horses. Causes include dehydration, large meals, insufficient chewing, foreign material, or disruption to intestinal function.

· 7 min read
CONDITION HORSE Girth gall in horses

Girth galls in horses are skin sores that develop due to the friction between the girth (or harness) and the horse. Galls are also named girth blisters.

· 2 min read
CONDITION HORSE Granulosa Cell Tumors in Horses

Granulosa cell tumors are an uncommon type of tumor in horses which arise from ovarian tissue.

· 3 min read
CONDITION HORSE Guttural Pouch Disease in Horses

Guttural pouch disease affects the large outpouchings of the auditory tube within the back half of the skull in horses. Disease in the guttural pouches can arise from bacterial infections, fungal infections, or air becoming trapped in the pouch.

· 4 min read

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