Why choose Vetster over Zoom or Facetime?

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Why choose Vetster over Zoom or Facetime? - Vetster

Vetster provides a purpose-built virtual care platform to connect veterinarians and pet owners and their pets. Our robust features that enable veterinarians to deliver medically effective telehealth services, put Vetster head-and-shoulders above traditional video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet or FaceTime. While these and a variety of other tools like phone calls, texting, and email are available to telehealth providers, Vetster incorporates these and much more into a tailored experience that is designed to:

  • Quickly establish your virtual veterinary practice
  • Provide a secure, private client consultation
  • In-call features
  • Make record keeping easier and always accessible
  • Reinforce and action appropriate next steps and prescriptions with VesterRx
  • Eliminating your administrative burden

Vetster caters specifically to veterinary professionals  and continually strives to make it easy for you to do your job and ultimately improve pet well-being.

Vetster’s short learning curve

Vetster is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, resulting in a very short learning curve. Our in-app tools are easy to use and find so you can focus on what you do best - connecting with clients and their pets. On-screen instructions and prompts explain the different features so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to get the most out of the Vetster platform.

Vetster also offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for clients, making it easy for them to schedule appointments, upload relevant information, and fully engage in consultations.  This user-centric approach enhances client satisfaction and encourages more frequent use of veterinary telehealth services.

A secure, private client consultation

Vetster’s video-sharing marketplace protects your privacy as well as that of your clients. The medical records and personal information are securely stored and can be referenced as long as your account is active. Check out our Privacy Policy to learn more.

In-call features

Generic video conferencing apps provide little more than a camera and a microphone. Vetster’s video conferencing application has all the features you expect, including noise cancellation and virtual backgrounds, but unlike other video conferencing apps, we also provide the tools you need specifically for your telehealth workflow. With our integrated patient information, record-keeping, file-sharing, and client communication features, you have everything you need for providing telehealth in one place. You can see appointments and take care of all the associated tasks with only one tab open on your desktop, or even from your phone.

Record-keeping made easy

Vetster’s record-keeping tools are integrated directly into the platform for secure collection and storage of information. Our platform contains veterinary-specific checklists, drop-down menus, and templates for efficient record-keeping, so there’s no need to write down notes elsewhere or transcribe summaries of client phone calls into a separate record.  Patient information and the chief complaint are entered prior to the appointment, and our template for the DAP (Data, Assessment, Plan) simplifies completing your medical records.  Unlike other conferencing tools, direct messages and notes are created within the app and are automatically saved in the appointment record. You may access files and your appointment records any time you like in the Vetster app.


In the US,  VetsterRx fulfilled by PetMedsⓇ makes it easy to select the food, prescription items, or OTC products you are recommending for the client from a drop-down list. Clients can then purchase their products at the end of the call and have them shipped directly to their home. For clients who prefer to have their prescription filled at a local pharmacy or another retailer (or who are located in Canada), Vetster provides a free-form pad which can be phoned in or sent to their preferred location.

Eliminating  administrative back-and-forth

Vetster is designed to make managing your client workload easier. You are used to juggling multiple roles as part of an in-clinic veterinary healthcare team: clinician, pharmacist, scheduler, cashier, and more.  When you use Vetster to provide telehealth, you can leave these administrative tasks to us. You’ll be notified when clients book an appointment, receive notifications prior to the appointment, , and you’ll automatically receive payment after your records are completed. For cases that are sent to an ER or clinic, clients can send the medical record from within the app.

Support for veterinarians

Vetster curates an extensive selection of articles in our Help Center, and our amazing team is standing by 7 days a week to offer their support. We also provide ongoing education in our blogs and webinars to guide you along the shortest path to excellence as a telehealth provider.

It’s easy to see that Vetster is more than just a video conferencing application. It’s a game changer that provides you with everything you need to adapt to the evolving landscape of veterinary care. While generic video conferencing tools have their place, they lack the specialized features and support that veterinary professionals require to deliver effective telehealth services. Streamline your virtual workflow and enhance patient care by using our veterinary-specific telehealth platform as a tailored solution for all your telehealth needs.