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If you have to leave your pets on their own for a period of time in Ontario, you need to arrange some kind of care for them. While some people might look for a neighbor or a friend to provide that care, the best option by far is to instead opt for a professional sitter, who will not only care for your pets but may also provide other services like general house sitting and pet transportation. If you’re looking for an in-home sitter in Toronto, here are a few great options.

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1. Toronto Dog Walks

Serving species
Dog Cat
Food water Daycare Litter box cleaning Mobile service Kennel boarding Overnight in home stays Dog walking

While Toronto Dog Walks does specialize in walking your dog, it actually provides a variety of services to individuals within Midtown Toronto and North York. You can find doggy daycare, dog boarding, weekend adventure walks, dog and cat home sitting, and even live-in pet sitting, as well as a pet taxi to bring your pets to the groomer or the vet while you're gone. Their dog walking services are also available as either pack walks or private one-on-one walks.

Toronto Dog Walks is bonded and insured through Verge Insurance Group.

2. Flying Duchess Pet Sitters

Serving species
Dog Cat Reptile Bird Small Animal
Food water Litter box cleaning Mobile service Overnight in home stays Cage cleaning Dog walking

Flying Duchess Pet Sitters is a team of sitters who are familiar with all kinds of pets and are able to care for your animals in many different neighborhoods of the Greater Toronto Area. From stop-ins for rabbit care to live-in services for your pets that have special needs, Flying Duchess Pet Sitters can determine a care routine that fits your individual requirements, including care for a variety of different animals and even multi-pet households.

Flying Duchess Pet Sitters is bonded and insured. Contact them directly for more information.

3. A Dog's Life

Serving species
Dog Cat
Food water Daycare Kennel boarding Mobile service Litter box cleaning Dog walking

Your dog can benefit from the limited number of animals that A Dog’s Life accepts at a time, which allows the company to provide more one-on-one care. They provide a number of services, including dog walking, doggy daycare, grooming, and boarding, and provide both dog and cat sitting for your home. They stick to a maximum of 20 dogs at once for daycare and only six for boarding, so they can be sure your pet is getting the best care the entire time. Plus, they also provide services for dogs with special needs.

A Dog’s Life is bonded and insured. Contact them directly for more information.

4. PetsGo Pet Care

Serving species
Dog Cat Reptile Bird Small Animal
Food water Mobile service

PetsGo is an all-inclusive pet care service that sees itself as more of a personalized nanny service than a traditional pet care option. They price based on visits. There are no upcharges for medication administration, mess cleanup, or even extra pets. They even have a client app that allows them to communicate with you directly, keep you updated on the care your pet is receiving, and send you pictures of your furry friend after every visit. PetsGo cares for all kinds of animals, including exotics.

PetsGo Pet Care is insured by PROfur.

5. Cat's Pyjamas Cat Sitting

Serving species
Food water Mobile service Litter box cleaning

Cat’s Pyjamas Cat Sitting specializes in cat-sitting services exclusively. While some pet owners enjoy bringing their dogs with them on trips, cats generally don’t do well traveling. It’s usually considered best to leave cats at home and allow them to maintain their daily routine. Cat’s Pyjamas can help you keep your cat’s routine consistent while you’re gone while also providing general house-sitting services.

Cat’s Pyjamas Cat Sitting is bonded and insured by PROfur.

Make sure your pet gets the right help

An in-home sitter is a great solution to issues that might arise when you’re planning to leave home for a period of time. However, while pet sitters are trained to look for signs of illness and get help if necessary, it’s still best to make sure your pets are as healthy as possible before you leave them in someone else’s care. Book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get information about your pet’s health, including how to keep them healthy and happy while you’re gone on your trip.

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