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If you’re planning a trip to the lovely and historic town of Kingston, ON, you will be pleased to hear that there are a number of pet-friendly hotels happy to welcome you and your pets. There is plenty to do and see in Kingston. This town was first founded in the 1800s and, as such, there are many museums, art galleries, and cultural places for you to enjoy. Bring your furry friend along to any of these pet-friendly hotels.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. Hochelaga Inn

Dog lodging Cat lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Local parks

The Hochelaga Inn is located within the heart of Kingston in a stunning historic building that is as grand as it is welcoming. Pets are welcome upon request and there is a lovely garden and terrace area where you can take them to get some sunshine. There may be a fee for bringing your pet, so plan accordingly. While your pets are welcome in the garden, it is imperative that you clean up after them if they relieve themselves, and you should ensure that they do not relieve themselves on the terrace. Each room comes with a full breakfast, and there is free parking on site. The Hochelaga Inn is just 450 yards from the Queens University campus and the shore of Lake Ontario, so you will find plenty of lovely green spaces where you can walk your dog. The downtown area is also within easy walking distance, as are a number of local parks and historic sites, such as the International Hockey Hall of Fame.

2. Motel 6 Kingston

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Cat lodging Dog lodging Over 50 pound dogs Pets allowed unattended Local parks

On the outskirts of Kingston, ON, this Motel 6 welcomes well-behaved pets to join their owners — and they don’t charge extra. You can bring up to two pets per room with a maximum combined weight of 150 pounds. There are plenty of areas around the motel that can be used for pet relief, and the staff are happy to provide you with a water bowl for your pet if you need one. The hotel itself is a short drive from the downtown area, but there are green areas near the motel where you can take your dog for a morning walk. If you want to go further afield, however, Trillium, Bill Hackett, and Meadowbrook Parks are less than half an hour away by car.

3. Quality Inn & Suites Kingston

Dog lodging 25 pound dogs Pet fee per night Local parks

Located within a 30-minute drive of local landmarks, such as the Bellevue House National Historic Site, the Quality Inn & Suites in Robinson Court is a comfortable and welcoming hotel. You can bring two dogs of up to 40lbs for a fee of $30 CAD (US$23) per pet, per night. Dogs may not be left unattended in rooms. You will find plenty of areas for pet relief outside the hotel, and there are nice local green areas that make it easy to enjoy a calm morning walk with your canine companion.

4. Green Acres Inn

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Dog lodging Beds available Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Pet cleaning fee Local parks

If you are looking for a quaint and central pet-friendly hotel in Kingston, Green Acres Inn could be just what you have been looking for. They are happy to welcome your pets for a small extra fee and can provide pet bowls and baskets for their comfort. You can bring two dogs of any size with you. There is a refundable pet deposit of $200 CAD (US$150) for all stays. If no additional cleaning is needed and no damage has been done when you leave, this will be released back to you. There is also a nightly pet fee of $20 CAD (US$15) per night for rooms with dogs, and this is non-refundable. The inn has several outdoor spaces and is close to local green areas where you can walk your dog and let your pets relieve themselves. It is also a short drive away from the International Hockey Hall of Fame and Fort Henry, so if you want to explore the local area, you have plenty of choices.

5. Holiday Inn Express Kingston

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Cat lodging Dog lodging Treats available Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Local parks

Placed within easy reach of both the local airport and local amenities, this Holiday Inn is a perfect choice. Your pets are welcome to join you for an extra fee. You can bring up to two pets of any size per room, either cats or dogs, and there is a fee of $60 CAD per night when bringing dogs to this hotel. There are outdoor spaces for pet relief, and reception can provide dog treats upon request. Confederation and Boucher Park are in easy walking distance of this hotel. You can explore with your dogs in these parks as long as they are kept on leash.

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