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If you own a pet, you're naturally going to need pet supplies at some point. Even if your pet is very low maintenance, you'll still need to eventually restock on supplies. Finding the best local pet shop can help you get great supplies without having to wait for shipping. Here are a few great Edmonton pet shops that will help you find the right supplies for any situation.

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1. Homes Alive Pets

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Up in North Edmonton, you'll find Homes Alive Pets, which was established in 1976 when it got its start as Ropp's Pet & Hobby in one man's garage. Today, Homes Alive Pets continues to be one of the most beloved local pet chains in all of Edmonton, continuing to be locally owned while serving you all the same value that you expect from a big box retailer. While dog and cat products are its main specialties, you can also find pond supplies and some small animal supplies here. There are also seven locations available. This is the North Edmonton location.

2. Tail Blazers

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Tail Blazers calls itself a "Health food store for pets," and the variety of quality wellness products at Tail Blazers definitely backs up that claim. The business was first started in 2000 by two individuals who actually have a background in the health food and supplement industry for humans, which naturally transitioned into the creation of these health products for pets. They also carry a number of Canadian and eco-friendly products, making sure their products are better for the environment, not just better for your pet. You can find Tail Blazers in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, including this location on Gateway.

3. Pet Planet

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For 25 years, Pet Planet has been giving people access to all kinds of information about pet health and wellness through high-quality nutrition options. They believe that by feeding your pets nutritionally appropriate diets, you can extend your pets’ lifespan and let them lead happier lives. If you're looking for high-quality products for your pets, including toys, food, and accessories for both dogs and cats, check out this Pet Planet location.

4. G & E Pharmacy

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G & E Pharmacy is a very unique local shop that is a family-run pharmacy and pet supply company. That means they provide products for both humans and animals, including some farm animals, such as horses and livestock. They offer quality pet food, treats, and healthcare products, with an array of options for dogs, cats, livestock, and small animals, like rodents, birds, and rabbits. Plus, they have an exceptional down-home charm that their customers have loved since they opened in 1959.

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Supplies are a critical part of owning any pet, and it's important that you get quality pet supplies so that your furry, scaly, or feathery friend is in the best possible health. If you want to get the best pet supplies for the job, but you're not quite sure which supplies are best for your pet, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster. You'll be able to get advice on which supplies are right for your pets.

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