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Restaurants are one of the best ways to experience local culture, whether you've lived somewhere for decades or you've just moved. Regardless of where in the city you're located or what type of food you're interested in, a dog-friendly restaurant can allow you to explore the area with your companion. Here are some spots to check out if you want to bring your dog with you to dinner in Edmonton.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. Beer Revolution Craft Beer & Pizza Bar

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Beer Revolution describes its business as being in "Premium beer, addictive pizza, and rock and roll," and it strives to do its best in all of these categories. Beer Revolution offers 24 taps that change regularly, rotating out with something new as soon as a previous keg is empty. Their thin-crust pizzas use Italian flour and San Marzano tomatoes, and they're also brick-baked on the premises. Plus, these pizzas have all sorts of unique premium styles, like the chicken Caesar pizza or the banh mi pizza. Take a seat at one of the heated outdoor tables to enjoy a beer and a pizza with your pup.

2. OEB Breakfast

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If you're interested in a unique breakfast option, OEB Breakfast may be the best around. Their signature product is their breakfast poutine, but they're always innovating and creating new products. OEB Breakfast was actually founded in Calgary, but over the years, they've expanded and now offer three locations in Edmonton, including this spot on 124 Street. Stop in early in the day and eat at one of the outdoor seats for a breakfast or lunch extravaganza with your dog.

3. Little Brick

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Little Brick is a unique café and general store tucked away in the heart of Edmonton. Their general store includes Little Brick coffee, grooming products, specialty craft cocktails, and more. Little Brick focuses on locally sourced ingredients that allow them to offer a full line of soups, salads, and sandwiches, as well as fresh-baked bakery products, They also have a selection of craft beer, cocktails, and hot coffee drinks. With heated outdoor seating, you and your dog can enjoy Little Brick whenever you like.


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DOSC is a combination steakhouse, cocktail bar, and café, all of which have individual specialties. At their Sober Cat Café, you can find delicious coffee and espresso options, tea drinks, and pastries. Their bar specializes in sourcing draft beers from local neighborhood breweries, and they also offer a number of specialty cocktails and wine. Finally, check out their steakhouse for lunch or dinner. Their dinner options include a variety of delicious meats, appetizers, and sides fit for a king's palate. Plus, dogs are allowed on the patio.

5. Dorinku Tokyo

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If you're the kind of person who loves sushi, you'll adore Dorinku Tokyo. Not only do they have an extensive sushi menu, but they also specialize in all sorts of Japanese cuisine. They offer Izakaya-style service, which is like bar service, and have separate lunch and dinner menus. The lunch menu offers specialty lunch options served with rice and miso soup. Experience a taste of Tokyo's bustling food culture with Dorinku Tokyo, and have a seat at one of the outdoor tables if you're looking to eat with your dog.

Enjoy your time out with your dog

Edmonton has a great food scene, and if you're a dog lover, you deserve to be able to enjoy that food scene with your pup. However, as much as finding a dog-friendly location is important, you should also make sure that your dog is well-behaved before you start taking them out. If you're worried about your dog's ability to behave during your outing, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get some help with socializing your pup.

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