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If you’re considering becoming a pet parent, one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make is deciding where to adopt from. The adoption process, fees, and available animals typically vary depending on whether you adopt from a rescue organization, animal shelter, humane society, or ethical breeder. That said, Ontario is replete with excellent adoption locations that aspire to make pet ownership more accessible than ever for those who wish to adopt. Here are some options worth checking out in and around Brampton, ON.

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1. City of Brampton Animal Services

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The City of Brampton’s Animal Services department is committed to ensuring all animals are treated humanely and in accordance with the standards set by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. The department not only offers protection, care, and treatment for lost, abandoned, or unwanted animals but also works to secure permanent homes for these animals through its pet adoption program. Some of the adoptable pets housed in its shelters and foster homes include cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and birds. The department accepts donations from local community members to provide the support and resources needed by the animals under their protection and care.

2. Baypoint Kennels

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Baypoint Kennels is a local ethical breeder with over three decades of experience breeding Labrador Retrievers. All their puppies come with eye and hip guarantees and are also registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and certified by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). They are also socialized right from birth to ensure that they’re ready for family life by the time they leave the facility. In addition to delivering top-tier Labrador Retrievers, Baypoint Kennels offers an array of pet care services, including finely-tuned dog training and boarding at their safe and secure facility.

3. Toronto Humane Society

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The Toronto Humane Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the well-being of stray, abandoned, and lost animals by providing shelter, care, and veterinary services until a forever home can be found. They also partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to spread animal protection awareness and deliver unyielding support to vulnerable animals in the community. This ensures all pets and animals get the best care they deserve.

4. City of Mississauga - Animals and Pets

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The City of Mississauga’s Animal and Pets department offers a range of animal services, including pet foster care, rescue services, and adoption. Their shelter currently houses many adoptable cats, dogs, and small critters just waiting to be picked up by responsible families seeking the companionship of a furry friend. The shelter is open to the public, and no appointment is required for adoption. All their adoptable pets are spayed, neutered, and microchipped prior to leaving the shelter for their new homes. They also come with a license and vaccination documentation.

5. Pet Valu

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Pet Valu is a one-stop shop for all your furry companion’s needs. The business features a full-service grooming salon, self-serve dog wash stations, and a pet store, where you can get wholesome frozen foods to supplement your pet’s diet. Pet Valu also runs a pet adoption program in partnership with local rescues to help homeless animals find new homes. From cats and dogs to rabbits, birds, and exotic pets, there’s a perfect companion for everyone at this top-rated pet business.

6. Citywide German Shepherds

Dog adoption

Citywide German Shepherds is a reputable breeder specializing in breeding 100% purebred German Shepherds. All their pups are produced from top-tier pedigrees and are health tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. The breeder also exclusively feeds their dogs raw foods, which not only enhances digestion and heightens energy levels, but also maintains good coat quality and skin. All their dogs are CKC-certified.

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While adopting a pet is a major decision that requires careful thought and planning, the rewards can be immense. Owning a pet is not only a joy in itself but can also help you develop or exercise virtues like compassion, patience, and responsibility. But before you welcome a new furry friend into your family, you’ll want to make the necessary preparations to ensure it settles into its new home smoothly. If you’re interested in learning more about how to do that, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get advice from a veterinarian.

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