Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Veterinary Appointment

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Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Veterinary Appointment - Vetster

Wondering how virtual vet care can help you? Consider some of the most common reasons pet parents have booked an appointment below!


Might we have described Fluffy? Problems with skin and ears are the number 1 type of appointment that our Vetster team sees regularly.  From ear infections, parasite problems to encounters of the “Skunky” kind, our professionals can help you and Fluffy find relief from these common irritations through virtual consultation!

Tummy Troubles

Not always known to have the most discriminating palates, our pets are notorious for exploring things with their mouths that don’t always agree with their tummies!  From concerns about what Fido may have eaten to dealing with unpleasant outputs from either end, our team can help sort things through and get Fido and her tummy as good as new.

Urinary Tract Concerns

Urinary accidents in the house, unusual litter box habits, increases or decreases in urination volume are all concerns that pet parents should not ignore. Changes in urination habits can represent a wide range of pet health problems, from urinary tract infection to symptoms suggestive of other underlying illnesses.  Consultation with a Vetster professional can provide you with treatment for many conditions before they progress to more serious concerns.

Mobility and Joint Problems

Our pets cannot speak; we all know that.  Additionally, most of our furry companions are inherently programmed with survival instincts to hide outward expressions of pain. Observation of your pet limping or moving stiffly may be cues that your pet may be uncomfortable or in pain and signals of your pet asking for help.  Virtual consultation with a veterinarian can help you develop management solutions and strategies to ensure your pet’s comfort and wellbeing.

Accessibility Challenges for In-Clinic Appointments

Not an example of a pet illness, this sentiment has been a pervasive theme in our pet parent’s feedback over the past few months.  As the COVID pandemic surges globally, accessing in-person veterinary care has become increasingly difficult.  Pet owners struggle with quarantine and stay at home orders; veterinary facilities are juggling an overwhelming volume of new pet adoptions and keeping their teams physically and mentally safe during this crisis.  Connecting with a licensed, experienced veterinary professional from the comfort of your own home is proving to be an enormously valuable tool. We are so pleased to be helping pets and pet parents during this difficult time. 

We hope that your pet doesn’t feel unwell, and we also strongly believe in the enormous value that proactive pet care brings to your pet’s overall health and well-being. Our professionals are experts in preventative health care in addition to managing urgent concerns.