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If you're thinking about bringing your dog or cat along with you when you travel, you're going to need to factor that into your hotel booking process. While not all hotels are comfortable with offering dogs a spot in their building, there are options if you really want to bring them along with you. Here are a few great hotels in and around Chelmsford that are a good fit for dog and cat owners.

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1. Channels Lodge

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Dog lodging Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Local parks

This unique, upscale hotel, which includes the Channels Hotel as well as the smaller, more intimate Channels Retreat, is set in a 15th-century farmhouse on 300 acres of land. Every room is decorated uniquely. On-site, you'll find Channels Bar & Brasserie, a fine dining restaurant that is one of the absolute best in all of Essex. Despite its quiet countryside charm, it’s only 10 minutes from Chelmsford. Dogs of any size are allowed for a £15 charge per night. Contact the hotel for more information about any other pet policies.

2. The Compasses

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Dog lodging Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Local parks

The Compasses is a bed and breakfast, which means that it's both a pub and a hotel. They specialize in being a real part of their local community. The pub offers pub food with ingredients sourced from local suppliers, they run beer festivals throughout the year, and they're close to Chelmsford City Racecourse, which is the first racecourse to have opened in the UK since 1927. Their boutique-style hotel area offers five different rooms, each with a different specialty. All rooms are dog-friendly, accepting dogs of all sizes for an additional fee of £5 per dog, per night.

3. Mulberry House

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Beds available Dog lodging Local parks Pet fee per night Treats available

While technically located in High Ongar rather than Chelmsford, you'll find that this unique hotel is definitely worth the slight trip. It's set on 22 acres, and the main building is a traditional Georgian hotel, that dates all the way back to 1767. While they primarily cater to those who are looking for a wedding venue, Mulberry House provides a variety of rooms, with the ability to host up to 55 guests at once, and welcomes guest accommodations for any reason. Two courtyard rooms are dog-friendly, accepting dogs of all sizes for £15 per dog, per night, which will cover a dog bed, dog bowls, treats, and a towel for cleaning your furry friend.

4. Downham Hall

Dog lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Local parks

Downham Hall believes in offering the true boutique experience, providing five different suites and rooms that each have a different style. This bed and breakfast shares its name and space with a similarly boutique restaurant, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea, as well as a specialty Sunday lunch. The double rooms, which make up four of the five rooms, are dog-friendly. You just need to let them know you’re bringing your dog at the time of booking, and they'll get everything ready for you.

5. Ferry Boat Inn

Dog lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Local parks Over 50 pound dogs

The Ferry Boat Inn is possibly most well-known as a pub, offering a spacious pub garden, delicious food and drink, and beautiful views. However, it's also a bed and breakfast with six contemporary bedrooms, each offering en-suite facilities and country views. Breakfast is also provided, as part of the bed-and-breakfast package, and you can also book a table in the inn for lunch or dinner as well. One of the rooms is dog-friendly, with up to two dogs of any size allowed in the room per night free of charge.

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Many people love spending time with their dogs and cats so much that they can't imagine leaving them behind even for a few days. If you're the kind of person who's always spending time with your dog or cat, taking them with you on your trip can be a great choice. But you need to make sure they're ready for the journey. You can book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster if you need help preparing your furry friend for your trip.

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