Become a
pet-conscious employer.

Thousands of licenced veterinary professionals are standing by 24/7 ready to help your employee's pets with telemedicine and telehealth appointments.

Vetster Telemedicine for Employers - Here when your employee's pets needs us

Pet parenthood has become ubiquitous, and yet, many employers leave out the most important member of the family from their benefits plan.

Show your compassion
Prove to your employees that you care about the well-being of their pets, who for many, are their children. Dog, cat, horse, or lizard - Vetster treats them all.
Improve time management
Did you know that nearly half of employees report using sick days for veterinary appointments? Vetster is 24/7, which means we work around any schedule.
Boost productivity
Saving time + saving money = increased capacity for employees, and better output for employers as a result.
Modernize your benefit plan
No longer does a fixed solution reflect the needs or wants of the modern workforce. Vetster is a cost effective solution that in many cases can return a positive return on investment.
Recognize our post-pandemic world
Working from home more often means our family (pets included) are more important than ever. The work from home trend is here to stay, which makes virtual care essential to our wellbeing.

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Round out your benefit plan to include Vetster telemedicine and telehealth appointments for your employee's pets.

We know how much your love your pets! Vetster can help keep them in excellent health.

Simple, no-nonsense packages

Vetster offers packages of veterinary telemedicine credits for employers interested in providing their employees with innovative, leading edge perks and benefits. Contact us today to learn more about how the program works. Your employees - and their four legged family members - will thank you for it!

Online veterinary surgeons and virtual pet care services available on-demand.

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