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Put telemedicine to work for you!

Expand your practice by tapping into thousands of regionally licensed veterinarians virtually. 24/7 care is within reach, without adding to your payroll or workload.

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Provide your clients with telemedicine & increase revenue

The critical shortage of veterinary professionals is real. Telemedicine is having a huge impact on the profession.

Meet your client where they are

Everything is digital now. Pet owners are seeking vet care solutions that match their day-to-day lives and experiences.

After hours support, but not on your payroll

Our regionally licensed professionals provide your practice with after hours support without overextending your team, or your payroll.

Boost in-clinic productivity & revenues

Improve in-clinic efficiencies by freeing up valuable professional time, to focus on in-person care without neglecting less-urgent patients.

Support the veterinary community

We support vets and pet owners toward better patient outcomes every day. We work with our vet clinic partners to help enhance your level of care.

Avoid turning away patients

Staffing shortages, long wait times, and overwhelming caseloads are a thing of the past. Divert non-urgent care to Vetster and alleviate the crunch.

See more patients more often

Create ongoing care plans for your clients outside of the clinic by incorporating telemedicine and pet health coaching into your practice.

Get the help you need today

Sign up now to Vetster for Vet Clinics and a Vetster team member will follow up with you promptly.

Practice virtually on Vetster and deliver quality care, anytime, anywhere

Vetster for Vets is available now on Apple and Play stores.

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