Best hotels that offer dog and cat lodging in Vancouver

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If you’re planning to travel with your dog or cat in British Columbia, there are a wide variety of elements you’ll probably need to think about as you plan your trip. One of those items is lodging. Not all hotels are comfortable with having dogs and cats in their rooms, which means you’ll need to find one that is okay with hosting pets. Here are some of the best hotel options in Vancouver,.

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1. Loden Hotel Vancouver

Cat lodging Dog lodging Over 50 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Local parks Pet cleaning fee

The Loden Hotel is one of the most well-reviewed hotels in all of Vancouver, and from the moment you enter, you’ll discover why. It’s a luxury hotel that offers high-end amenities and is also perfectly placed in the downtown area of the city, making it precisely the right distance from all the best experiences in Vancouver. The pet fee is $50 per pet, per stay. There are no limits on size or weight for dogs and cats, but the maximum number of pets is two per room.

2. L'Hermitage Vancouver

Dog lodging Local parks Pet cleaning fee

This award-winning luxury boutique hotel knows how to make it easy to stay in the heart of Vancouver. With a number of unique rooms to choose from, a location right in the downtown business core, and nearby access to the Sky Train, L’Hermitage Vancouver is a great destination for just about anyone, especially if you’re looking to really explore the city. L’Hermitage Hotel allows a room to bring one small dog of less than 20 pounds, with an additional fee of $50 per stay.

3. Hotel BLU

Beds available Cat lodging Dog lodging Treats available Over 50 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Local parks

Hotel BLU, located in Downtown Vancouver, is a Four Diamond and AAA-rated boutique hotel, and that ability to go the extra mile is one of the reasons people love staying there. The company offers sustainable, holistic practices that allow you to get a luxury experience without an exorbitant impact on the planet, and its perfect placement in downtown Vancouver makes it an incredible option for exploring the city. Dogs are allowed for no extra fee. Contact Hotel BLU for more information if you have multiple pets. The hotel is also two blocks from an off-leash dog park.

4. The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

Dog lodging Beds available Over 50 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Local parks

As a Marriott hotel, The Westin Bayshore benefits from the extensive experience of the Marriott brand while also utilizing the gorgeous views and personality associated with Vancouver. Whether you’re living in Vancouver and looking for a staycation or you’re coming into town from somewhere else, The Westin Bayshore offers a variety of rooms, state-of-the-art fitness rooms, and both indoor and outdoor pools. It’s right on the waterfront for incredible views. The Westin Bayshore allows up to two dogs per room with no pet fee. The hotel will even give you a complimentary dog bed to use during your stay.

5. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Dog lodging Cat lodging 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Local parks Pet cleaning fee

This historic hotel originally got its start all the way back in 1939, and today, it’s known for being one of the more beautiful, uniquely designed hotels in all of Vancouver. That design is obvious in its nickname, “Castle in the City,” which accurately reflects how the hotel looks from the outside. Plus, it’s spent millions of dollars on renovations over the years, meaning that, alongside its historic charm, you can also find incredible contemporary rooms, laundry services, hotel boutiques, and more. Pets are welcome for a fee of $35 per stay.

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