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Welcoming a new pet into your family is a huge decision that requires a great deal of planning and a commitment to provide them with quality ongoing care. If you’re ready to take on the role of pet parent, however, you’ll need to decide where to adopt from. The good news is Alberta is home to many renowned rescue organizations, shelters, and ethical breeders, offering adoptable pets of all ages, species, and breeds. Here are some reputable locations to check out if you’re looking to adopt in Red Deer.

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1. Oodles of Doodles

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Located on the outskirts of Red Deer, Alberta, Oodles of Doodles is Western Canada’s premier breeder of Goldendoodles. The business aims to produce intelligent and well-socialized puppies that effortlessly fit into the families that adopt them. From the moment they are born, their puppies are fed a top-tier diet and receive regular vet care and grooming to ensure they are in peak form. They are also walked and played with regularly to provide them with the physical and mental stimulation they need to develop physically and psychologically. Oodles of Doodles’ puppies come with a two-year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic conditions.

2. Central Alberta Humane Society

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Established in 1976, the Central Alberta Humane Society, previously known as Red Deer SPCA, is an independent non-profit whose mission is to help vulnerable animals and inspire change in Central Alberta through education. The organization’s staff works closely with over 400 volunteers, animal rights activists, and donors to positively impact the lives of lost, unwanted and desperate animals. Through its “max adopt” facility, the Central Alberta Humane Society offers refuge to animals in need and provides them with quality care until new families adopt them. Its animal shelter currently houses dozens of adoptable animals, including cats, dogs, and bunnies.

3. Fostering Hope Animal Rescue Foundation

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Fostering Hope partners with communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan to rehabilitate vulnerable dogs and cats until they are ready to be adopted by local families. The organization is committed to combating the rising number of stray animals living rough on the streets through the provision of spaying and neutering services. It also runs an animal foster program and fundraising campaigns to help mitigate the overpopulation problem in its shelter.

4. Saving Grace Animal Society

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The Saving Grace Animal Society is a charitable organization established in 2018 to help safeguard the welfare of all “unplaceable” animals in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The non-profit runs a shelter that provides refuge and care for cats, dogs, and guinea pigs, and an off-site sanctuary for farm animals with nowhere to go. The organization works closely with experienced trainers and seasoned vets to ensure all animals under their care receive the best quality health care and rehabilitation until they are cleared for adoption. Since it first opened its shelter, Saving Grace has successfully adopted out over 2,600 animals, with more than half of those adopted out in 2020 alone. The organization has also found new homes for more than 22 farm animals from its sanctuary.

5. Timberland’s Pet Valu

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Timberland’s Pet Valu is a pet-care business offering premium products and services for pet owners in Red Deer. Pet supplies available at this store include frozen raw foods, treats, and accessories. This business also offers on-site professional dog grooming, with self-serve pet wash stations available for pet parents who don’t mind getting their hands wet. If you’re looking to buy a small pet, Timberland’s Pet Valu has a wide selection, including hamsters, rabbits, birds, and exotic animals. The business also partners with local rescues and animal shelters to find permanent homes for pets in need.

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Pet adoption allows you to get a forever companion to inject joy and excitement into your life. While most adoption locations obtain a clean bill of health for each animal in their custody before placing them for adoption, it doesn’t hurt to have a third-party vet inspect your newly adopted pet before taking them home. If you need a veterinarian to examine a pet you’ve just adopted, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster.

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