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British Columbia is an area of outstanding natural beauty, so it makes sense that people of all ages and dispositions would like to visit. If you have a furry friend that you like to vacation with, finding a pet-friendly hotel can be the biggest challenge. Thankfully, Kelowna, BC, is an animal-loving town with great hotel options. Here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in the area.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. Coast Capri Hotel

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Cat lodging Dog lodging Local parks Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night

The Coast Capri Hotel is a stylish and comfortable hotel with great facilities. What’s more, it is just a few blocks from Okanagan Lake, making it the perfect starting point for early-morning dog walks. This hotel is within walking distance of several parks and local landmarks, as well as restaurants and local attractions, which makes it a good hub for sightseers. The hotel itself has a range of great facilities, including an onsite pool, a stunning dining room, free Wi-Fi, and in-room air-conditioning to keep you comfortable. Dogs should be leashed in communal areas, and you will need to pay a fee for housing your pets. This will be listed clearly when you book.

2. Four Points by Sheraton

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Cat lodging Dog lodging Local parks Over 50 pound dogs Pet cleaning fee Treats available

Located near Kelowna Airport and offering a free shuttle between the hotel and terminals, the Four Points by Sheraton is a great choice for pet owners in the middle of a long journey. Well-behaved pets weighing up to 75 lbs are welcome, and the hotel has a range of great facilities including an on-site pool and exterior areas for pet relief, as well as great check-in and check-out windows. You can have two pets per room. You may be able to check in and out late or early, but this is a discretionary matter. You will want to contact the 24-hour reception desk to find out what your options are. Though placed by the airport, this hotel has easy access routes to a number of local attractions and points of interest, such as McKinley Mountain Park, which is a great spot for dog walks.

3. Hotel Zed

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Cat lodging Dog lodging Local parks Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Pet cleaning fee

Known for its vibrant, fun aesthetic, Hotel Zed is a pet-friendly, high-quality hotel located in the heart of Kelowna, BC. Pet-friendly, modern, and well-equipped with a range of facilities that include an on-site pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and an indoor play area for those who have children. It is also perfectly located to act as a hub for city adventures and sightseeing, as there are several parks, restaurants, and local attractions within easy walking distance. Hotel Zed welcomes pets of all sizes, both cats and dogs, in their pet-designated rooms with a $20 daily fee, up to $80 for one week, for additional cleaning.

4. Manteo at Eldorado Resort

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Cat lodging Dog lodging Beds available Local parks Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Treats available

Looking for an idyllic beachside getaway with your pet? The Manteo at Eldorado Resort should be high on your list of hotels in Kelowna, BC. Perched on the waterfront with stunning views and excellent facilities, this pet-friendly resort has a grand appearance and benefits from a central location. If you like to explore with your furry friend, the Manteo could be the perfect hub for your next big adventure! There are lovely parks and green spaces nearby that your pet will enjoy. They even have a private beach area. Dog-friendly rooms are available for an additional $30 per night per pet, and two pets are allowed per room.

5. Hampton Inn & Suites

25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Dog lodging Local parks Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night

Grand, yet warm and welcoming, the Hampton Inn & Suites in Kelowna, BC, is pet-friendly, centrally located, and has great facilities. When you book a room you will benefit from a complimentary breakfast as well as the hotel’s on-site parking, pool, and free Wi-Fi. Pets are welcome in the common areas and exterior spaces of the hotel with the exception of the dining area. Health and safety regulations prohibit animals in these spaces. What’s more, it is just a short drive from Kelowna town center, and several local attractions such as Geert Maas Sculpture Gardens Gallery. These green spaces are perfect for dog walks if you are bringing a canine companion. There is a $50-$75 pet fee for one to four-night stays and up to two pets are allowed per room.

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