Stephani McLean
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Dr. Stephani McLean


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Veterinarian, DVM
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Hi! My name is Dr. Stephani McLean. I am a veterinarian from Southern Manitoba and have been practise for the last 10 years.

I am a member of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association and a Fear Free Certified Proffesional. Outside of veterinary medicine, I am active on our family farm, love camping with friends, following my kids to various extracurriculars and volunteering in our community. I love the connections built in a rural community and advocate for sustainable farming practises and responsible animal ownership.

Our fur family includes; Coonhound (Georgia), Abyssinian cat (Ira), various barn cats (Max, Freckles, Lightning, Peaches, Viper, Kitten, Jackie and Momma cat), Quarter Horses (Doc Holliday, Ringo Star), Miniature Horse (Summer), Miniature Donkey (Stanley) and all the ladies (chickens of assorted varieties).

My motto is helping your pets live their best life. This is why I focus on prevention, the mental health of pets and really looking beyond to surface to find the cause of the ailment. I can't wait to meet your pets and help them along their journey to health and happiness.

Manitou , MB , CA
Fuseau horaire: America/Winnipeg
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  • English
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  • Animaux de compagnie
  • Manitoba, CA
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