How much do dog dental insurance plans cost?

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How much do dog dental insurance plans cost? - Dog holding a toothbrush in its mouth in front of a brick wall.

Pet insurance policies generally do not cover canine dental care, including dental accidents and common illnesses. Instead, pet owners can choose to pay for an additional dental insurance plan. Read on to learn:

  • How do pet insurance plans work?
  • How much does dental insurance cost for dogs?
  • What is covered by a dog dental insurance plan?
  • Is dental insurance worth it for my dog?

Dental insurance covers many accidents and illnesses that can be costly for dog owners. However, routine care that is required on a regular basis, such as dental cleanings and dental checkups, is typically not covered. Dental insurance for dogs may be worth it for some, but it’s up to each owner to read the policy closely and decide if it will be beneficial for their pet.

What is a pet insurance policy?

Pet insurance plans may provide some coverage for preventive care and also help cover the cost of unexpected illnesses and injuries. Each policy is different and covers different areas of care. Pet insurance is significantly different from human health insurance in the United States. Pets are legally considered property and are therefore insured differently. Each pet insurance provider is different, so it is extremely important to read the policy closely to know what to expect.

Most pet policies work by reimbursing owners after the completion of a covered procedure. This means that pet owners are responsible for the up-front cost of the veterinary care and are reimbursed by the pet insurance company if the chosen plan covers the procedure. Policies usually have accident coverage, illness coverage, or a combination of the two. Some pet insurance plans also help offset the cost of preventive care, such as vaccines and parasite prevention. It’s up to the owner to read the fine print and know what their policy covers.

Does pet insurance cover dental care for dogs?

Broken teeth or dental cleanings may be partially covered by some accident or wellness plans. However, the majority of base policies do not have dental coverage for dogs. Dental insurance may be offered at an extra cost to the basic plan options.

How much do dental insurance plans cost for dogs?

The cost of canine dental insurance policies ranges from $15 to over $90 per month, with an average of $66, for accident and illness coverage. This cost is in addition to a base pet insurance plan. Dental policies can dramatically vary in price based on factors such as:

An illness plan that does not cover wellness or injuries costs less than a more comprehensive plan. In addition, dogs that are genetically more susceptible to various diseases and dental issues are more likely to have a policy with a higher monthly premium. Pet parents who live in large cities where veterinary care is more expensive may also face higher premium costs. Low out-of-pocket deductibles, high annual limits, and high reimbursement percentages also increase the insurance cost. Finally, some insurance companies offer discounts for military members, bundling with another type of insurance, or insuring more than one pet.

What does canine dental insurance cover?

Depending on the type of dental insurance, the policy may cover dental accidents, illnesses, or both. These may include:

Gum diseases, such as periodontal disease, may be listed as covered illnesses. However, gum disease is usually considered a preventable dental illness, which many policies exclude. This means that claims for dental care needed to treat periodontal disease, such as cleanings or tooth extractions, may be denied. In addition, some policies may cover the cost of the actual treatment but not the necessary blood work, anesthesia, X-rays, dental exams, or medications after the procedure.

Pet dental insurance generally does not cover:

  • Routine cleanings
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Endodontic treatments
  • Orthodontic services
  • Preexisting conditions
  • Preventable conditions

For coverage to apply, a pet owner needs to have purchased dental coverage before a dental accident or illness occurs. In addition, most policies have a waiting period after the policy is purchased, during which the dental issue will not be covered. Different plans have different waiting periods before the coverage starts. In addition, the definition of preexisting conditions may differ from insurance company to insurance company.

Does dental insurance cover dental cleanings?

Dental insurance generally does not cover preventive care such as dental cleanings, dental food and treats, or teeth-cleaning products such as toothbrushes. Cleanings that are needed as treatment may be covered. However, even if something is covered within an insurance policy, having a claim approved can be tricky. If a dog develops periodontal disease and the insurance company suspects a lack of preventive dental care from the owner, the dental cleaning treatment may not be covered. This suspicion can be caused by something as simple as not supplying the insurance company with receipts of regular dental care prior to your claim, so it is important to read through your insurance policy carefully and understand the requirements for claims concerning preventable conditions.

Many dental plans require dogs to have annual checkups and dental cleanings to be eligible for coverage. A small portion of the dental cleaning may be covered with an optional wellness plan, but these costs are usually the owner’s responsibility.

Quote from Jo Myers, saying regular dental care reduces the overall cost of dental work.

Why is canine dental health important?

Poor dental health can contribute to a variety of serious health issues that can lower a dog’s quality of life and life expectancy. Routine dental care in the form of daily brushing and routine teeth cleanings with a vet are essential for the overall health and wellness of your dog. Roughly 80% of dogs are affected by  some form of dental disease before the age of three. Dental insurance plans may help offset some of the costs of treating dental disease in dogs.

Should I get my dog dental coverage?

Getting dental insurance coverage for young dogs before they develop dental disease can help save owners thousands of dollars in vet bills in the long run. However, not all dental issues are covered, and pet owners are responsible for the up-front costs of procedures. Dental insurance may not be worth it for pet owners whose dogs already have dental problems, because preexisting conditions are usually not covered. In addition, dental insurance usually does not cover routine dental care such as exams and cleanings.

Some pet parents opt to use a low-interest credit card to cover the cost of their pet’s dental care, and others put the money they would pay for a monthly insurance premium into a savings account instead of purchasing a pet insurance policy. “Ultimately, the best way to keep dental costs low is to keep your dog’s teeth clean with regular brushing, professional cleanings, and using dental products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council,” states Vetster veterinarian Dr. Jo Myers. If you have questions about your dog’s dental health or dental coverage options, you can talk to an online vet. Their advice can help you decide if a policy is beneficial for your individual dog’s needs.

FAQ - How much do dog dental insurance plans cost?

How much does dog dental insurance cost?

The average cost of dental insurance for a dog is $66, ranging from $15 to over $90 per month. Each plan is different and has different out-of-pocket deductible options, reimbursement percentages, and coverage options.

Is dental disease in dogs a preexisting condition?

Any oral health issue that is diagnosed before the start of the pet insurance policy is likely to be considered a preexisting condition, even if the condition is normally covered. Most pet policies do not cover preexisting conditions, including dental disease.

Are dogs’ teeth covered by pet insurance?

Some general policies cover specific dental accidents, but most dental problems require a separate dental insurance plan in order to be covered. Pet dental insurance does not cover all dental illnesses or injuries, and it is unlikely to cover a preexisting condition that is diagnosed before the start of the plan.

Does pet dental insurance cover periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is listed as a coverable dental condition in many pet dental insurance policies. However, because gum disease is a preventable condition, many policies often deny coverage. If an owner is suspected of not practicing good oral care with their dogs, treatment for periodontal disease may not be covered.

Is dog dental insurance worth it?

Canine dental insurance can be worth it for some pet owners if their dog develops an expensive dental illness or suffers a dental accident. However, policies do not cover all conditions and are unlikely to cover preexisting conditions or preventable conditions such as periodontal disease. Some pet owners choose to put money aside in a savings account or get a medical credit card rather than paying for dental insurance.