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SYMPTOM DOG Rapid Breathing (Tachypnea) in Dogs

Rapid breathing (also called tachypnea, polypnea, or shortness of breath) is characterized by sustained periods of short, frequent breaths.

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Rash in Dogs

Rash is defined as an eruption on the skin in dogs. This may appear as reddened skin, hair loss, scabs, moist, pruritic (itchy) spots with pus, bumps, raw patches, sores, scales, or thickened, crusty skin.

· 2 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Red Eyes in Dogs

Red eyes is a symptom in which the conjunctiva (tissue around the eye) and/or sclera (the white part of the eye), are red and inflamed.

· 2 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Red or Spotted Gums (Petechiae or Ecchymosis) in Dogs

The color of a dog's gums is an indicator of general health. Healthy dogs have pink to light red gums; normal pigmentation can cause gums to appear darker in certain spots. 

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Regurgitation in Dogs

Regurgitation is the passive expulsion of matter from the mouth, upper throat (pharynx), or esophagus. In dogs, the expelled matter often takes the appearance of chewed food combined with a little saliva or mucus. It can also be tube-like in shape. 

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Restlessness and Agitation in Dogs

While sometimes confused with normal behaviors in high-energy, excitable dogs, restlessness or agitation is an abnormal symptom that can be associated with serious medical conditions and is often secondary to pain or discomfort.

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

Reverse sneezing is defined as a sharp inhalation, or sometimes multiple in quick succession, occasionally accompanied by a honking noise.

· 2 min read

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