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SYMPTOM DOG Ear Discharge in Dogs

Ear discharge describes build-up of debris in the ear canals which works its way out of the external ear.

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Eating Feces (Coprophagia) in Dogs

Coprophagia describes the behavior of eating feces. While distasteful to humans, this is a relatively normal behavior for dogs. There are a few medical causes which include malnutrition, Cushing’s disease, cognitive dysfunction, and anxiety

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Enlargement or Bulging of the Eye (Buphthalmos and Exophthalmos) in Dogs

Bulging eyes occur when one or both eyeballs are larger than normal (called ‘buphthalmos’), or when they are the same size as usual but the eyeball is protruding from the eye socket (called ‘exophthalmos’).

· 4 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Excessive Drooling (Ptyalism) in Dogs

Ptyalism is the term for excessive drooling. All dogs drool from time to time under normal circumstances, but increased salivation is an indicator for a variety of medical problems

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Excessively Frequent Urination (Pollakiuria) in Dogs

Pollakiuria refers to abnormally frequent urination, usually in small volumes. Characterized by frequent posturing to urinate (squatting) with small volumes of urine voided

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Excessive Panting in Dogs

Panting is rapid, open-mouthed breathing that is characteristic of dogs. Dogs pant to regulate their body temperature through evaporative cooling of the respiratory tract.

· 4 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Exercise Intolerance in Dogs

Exercise intolerance is a decreased ability to endure sustained exercise.

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Eye Discharge (Epiphora) in Dogs

Eye discharge or epiphora is a common symptom in dogs. Causes, as well as treatment of eye discharge, vary greatly. Eye discharge can present in various ways including clear water (tears), crust-like formation on the inner corner of the eye, reddish discharge, white mucus, and yellow discharge.

· 5 min read

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