How a gaggle of New York strangers came together to save a struggling Canadian Goose in Central Park

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How a gaggle of New York strangers came together to save a struggling Canadian Goose in Central Park - Canada goose resting

One day when walking in Central Park, a group of strangers stumbled upon an adorable Canadian Goose who was trapped on a running path, and unable to take flight.

The goose – who the group affectionately named “Goosey” – was wobbling back and forth, looking for her family. Being unable to fly, she was unable to access water.


Unsure what to do, the group made a virtual appointment using Vetster, and were able to connect with Dr. Frank Akawi. He suggested that the goose was in need of electrolyte water so the group set out to find some. After securing some Gatorade at a nearby convenience store, they offered it to Goosey and she started drinking right away.

With her energy building back, Goosey was still trapped behind a wrought iron fence with no openings. This group of strangers came together, wrapped her in a blanket so she could scale the fence, where Goosey then slipped into the water and paddled away.


“Thank you to Vetster and Dr. Frank Akawi.. we are so grateful that you answered our call. Goosey was wobbly and exhausted Friday night and the electrolyte liquid you recommended allowed her to survive the night and flourish the next day as she returned to her home. It was a beautiful New York moment with so many smart and caring people collaborating to help a stranded creature!” - @StacyClarkWriter, one of the individuals who helped save Goosey.

“That day, when I came upon this group of strangers, (who are not strangers anymore), and I saw people really trying and being good and putting the life of this little wild being before their own convenience, it just gave me so much hope. And talking to each other, getting to know each other, listening and also trying to problem solve as a group and coming together, it was a really beautiful day and the ripple is continuing on from that moment. This little goose in our path was a real gift.” - Tony and Grammy nominated actress @TheBethMalone, one of the individuals who helped scale the fence to save Goosey.


Thank you to Dr. Frank Akawi, and all the New Yorkers who cared enough to stop, make a call, and even scale a fence to save this little goose.