New feature for integrated record sharing

New feature for integrated record sharing - A woman sitting at a computer beside the words "new feature for integrated record sharing"

Vetster is excited to announce a new feature integrating the seamless transfer of a pet’s medical records to the client’s home clinic or veterinarian. At this point in time, all requests for records transfer are client-driven in order to preserve their control over their pet’s information, but - as always- you still have the option to download your Vetster records at any time. While this feature is presented on the client-facing side of the app, we understand it also has an effect on you when you are writing your records and speaking with clients. The overall goal of integrating this feature is to promote continuity of care and communication between clinics to better serve pets and their people, so we’re eager for you to be familiar with its use.

You can read our announcement to clients about this feature here.

How it works

When setting up their account information, clients have the option to enter the name and email address of the clinic or veterinarian they usually go for in-person care. Clients can edit or remove this information at any time, and different clinics may be entered for different pets. Clients start by searching our existing database of brick-and-mortar clinics and veterinarians and add to it when the clinic they want to choose isn’t already included.

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Clients continue to receive an email notification when the DAP from a Vetster appointment is complete like they always have, but now they also can tap to send that medical record to their home clinic. In addition, they may choose to enter a note for their home clinic to be included with the transfer. An acknowledgment of the records transfer subsequently appears in the notes for the appointment, visible to both you and the client.

This short video walks you through the client-facing experience.

A great opportunity for veterinarians

We’re presenting this feature to pet owners to emphasize how communication between the different veterinarians caring for their pets is critical for continuity of care. It also helps drive home to clients the message that virtual care is a supplement to in-person care and not a replacement for it.

a display of a computer screen with information about a veterinarian's appointment with a pet owner

It’s also important to recognize how every medical record you enter on Vetster presents a huge opportunity for you to advocate for virtual care. While many progressive jurisdictions and professional organizations already embrace telehealth and are eager for veterinarians to fully utilize it in accordance with their professional judgment, others are not. Critics of veterinary telehealth often argue that it will result in poor quality care and sell clients short, even though there is no evidence to support this. Every time one of your records is shared with a brick-and-mortar veterinarian, you have an opportunity to show them what quality virtual care looks like and how well it serves pets and clients.  Please take the time to consider this and give your records the attention they deserve as we all work together to advance the acceptance of veterinary telehealth.

As we move forward

Our intention is for this feature to pave the way to quality care by encouraging collaboration between all the vets caring for their pets. In order to grow your virtual practice and provide top-tier virtual care, we encourage you to be familiar with this tool and stay ready to discuss how clients can access, utilize, and share their Vetster records post-appointment. Just as importantly, we hope you’ll join us in advocating for the promotion of virtual care within the veterinary industry by representing the delivery of high-quality care through your medical records.

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