Introducing seamless medical records sharing

Introducing seamless medical records sharing - Vetster

At Vetster, we're constantly striving to make pet healthcare more accessible and convenient for pet owners around the world. Today, we're excited to announce a new addition to our platform: seamless medical record sharing. Now it’s easier than ever for pet parents to keep tabs on their pet’s health and share their pet’s complete health history with their regular in-person veterinary clinic.

Centralized pet medical record

Your pet's medical record is now safely stored in our app, ready for access whenever you need it. This comprehensive record includes information about your pet's past and current medical conditions, treatments, medications, surgeries, vaccinations, allergies, weight tracking, behavioral notes, and diagnostic results. Each time you book an appointment with a Vetster veterinarian or chat with a licensed veterinary technician, your pet's medical record is updated with an overview of the health issue and recommended treatment steps.

But that's not all—you can actively contribute to your pet's medical history by uploading photos, videos, documents, and past lab reports or medical files. This creates a chronological timeline of your pet's health, allowing veterinarians and pet parents to identify health patterns, track treatment progress, and make connections between recurring symptoms that might indicate underlying health conditions.

Sharing the whole picture with your pet's clinic

Taking things one step further, we’ve made it effortless to share your pet's complete medical history with your trusted brick-and-mortar veterinary clinic. Simply select ‘share with home clinic’ to seamlessly share your pet's medical records with your pet’s regular brick-and-mortar clinic.

"By streamlining the sharing of medical records, we're creating a seamless loop that ensures excellent continuity of care between virtual appointments and visits to in-person veterinarians. Our platform puts pet owners at the center of stewarding their pets' care to help them live a long and happy life. Managing and building their medical record in collaboration with their medical experts is a key part of that experience,” said Mark Bordo, CEO and Cofounder, Vetster.

Connecting pet care providers with critical information

Our no-fee medical record sharing feature is designed to facilitate better communication, decision-making, and coordinated care between veterinary care providers and pet parents. Veterinarians can quickly understand your pet's health history and ongoing treatments, which is especially crucial in urgent situations. Access to medical records allows emergency veterinarians to make critical decisions without delay, ultimately leading to better outcomes. "Being able to access a pet's medical history is crucial for providing a more accurate diagnosis, creating appropriate treatment plans, and reducing negative health outcomes," explains Dr. Matt Spiegle, Director of Veterinary Programs and Medical Director at Vetster.

All-in-one pet health management

This latest release is just one of many new features we've introduced to simplify pet health management. From real-time live chat with veterinary technicians to post-appointment messaging with a vet for up to 48 hours, Vetster ensures pet owners always have the support they need. In August 2023, we even launched virtual nutrition services in the US in partnership with PetMeds® and Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets & Supplements. This allows pet parents to receive expert nutrition consultations from the comfort of home and enjoy convenient home delivery of veterinarian-approved therapeutic food, treats, and supplements.

Access your pet's medical records today!

Vetster's medical records feature is now available to users on both our mobile and web app. To get started, sign up today.

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