Completing Medical Records on Vetster

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Completing Medical Records on Vetster - Completing Medical Records on Vetster

Providing a comprehensive medical record is a requirement in delivering care on our platform, and it’s also an important element of the pet owner experience. Not only does it provide them with an overview of your assessment and recommended next steps, but it also ensures that both you and the pet owner have access to their appointment history.

The Vetster platform stores comprehensive information to give veterinary professionals and pet owners a shared record of the pet’s health history. This includes:


VetsterRx allows veterinarians to record recommendations for both prescription and non-prescription medications. VetsterRx offers all veterinarians a freeform Rx pad which can be sent to their local clinic or human pharmacy, and for those in America, VetsterRx offers a seamless integration with PetMeds to enable clients to order online and have medication shipped directly to their home.

In addition to recording recommendations for both over-the-counter products and prescription medications, VetsterRx is also where veterinarians can order an at-home diagnostic fecal kit through our partner MySimplePetLab.


Best Practices at Vetster

Providing a comprehensive medical record for every Vetster appointment is a requirement of our platform (along with most regulatory bodies). At Vetster, we ask for medical records to be completed within 24 hours after an appointment. Veterinary professionals who do not comply, may be suspended or removed from the Vetster platform.

All veterinarians on the platform are encouraged to fully utilize the medical record to:

  • Document the consultation
  • Ease continuity of care
  • Add value by improving client communication
  • Improve patient outcomes and pet well-being

If you are practicing telemedicine on the platform, these templates are provided to help you meet your legal requirements for medical records and documentation.

For appointments where you are providing general advice rather than telemedicine, it is still imperative that clients receive a documented appointment with identified next steps as part of their service.