Flea & Tick Treatment Using Virtual Care

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Flea & Tick Treatment Using Virtual Care - Two veterinarians examine a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Outdoors

For some, flea and tick is a year-round issue, and for others it's seasonal. Here at Vetster we see an uptick in requests for flea and tick care beginning in late February and carrying through to October.

Whether you are providing virtual care appointments to your existing clients or using our platform to connect with clients across your region, Vetster is ideally suited to help you keep their pets flea and tick free. Clients benefit from your care in two ways:

  1. Telemedicine: Using VesterRx our Online Pharmacy (available to USA only), veterinarians with an established VCPR and/or those who are permitted to create one virtually, can prescribe directly within the platform. Customers can then purchase the medication after their appointment and have it shipped directly to their home thanks to our partnership with PetMeds®. Freeform script is also a tool available, outside of VetsterRx.

  2. General Advice: For non-VCPR clients, such as those in another country, or where you cannot establish a VCPR remotely, clients benefit from your education, coaching and guidance on next steps and OTC options.

In both circumstances, we understand how critical client education is for getting safe and effective forms of flea and tick control into the hands of pet parents.  We’re here to help you help clients:

  • Avoid using potentially harmful or ineffective products
  • Get the information they need to use vet-recommended products appropriately
  • Navigate the plethora of over-the-counter options available

Here are five ways Vetster makes it easy for you to help your clients during flea/tick season

1. Create efficiency in your clinic

Save in-clinic appointments for pets in need of more critical care by using your Vetster profile to have clients book their flea/tick consultations online.   Think of how many hours of clinic time you can free up by scheduling virtual care visits for healthy pets whose owners simply need access to your expertise. This helps ensure clients get the right treatment for the pets, while keeping your clinic hours focused on critical cases.

2. Be compensated for your time

Designating a set time for booking virtual flea/tick consultations allows you to take the time these discussions require while also being compensated. Vetster appointments typically run 15-30 minutes giving you ample time to take a history, review care options, and answer any questions the pet owner has.

3. Fulfill your record keeping requirements

Vetster’s built-in medical records make it easy to fulfill your record keeping requirements while also ensuring safe and responsible virtual care. The “Data” section of the record is at your fingertips for you to record vital historical information such as:

  • No history of seizures when you want to prescribe an isoxazoline flea/tick product.
  • No cats in the household when you want to prescribe or recommend a product containing permethrins.

Vetster also makes it easy to prioritize safety and continuity of care by automatically sharing your completed medical records with the client.  Listing specific product recommendations in the “Plan” section of the record helps the clients avoid confusion and comply with your recommendations for safe and effective parasite control.

4. Connect clients with the products they need

It’s easy to promote the  safe and responsible use of flea and tick products when you see clients for telehealth appointments on Vetster. VetsterRx makes it easy to provide both prescription and over-the-counter medications to your client. For clients in the US, this is fulfilled by our partner PetMeds. Alternatively, the freeform Rx pad can be used for clients who prefer to fulfill their prescription elsewhere.

5. We have the client education resources you need

Help clients implement your professional advice and recommendations by providing written material for clients to review later on at their own pace.

Vetster creates veterinarian-reviewed articles about pet health symptoms and conditions that distill the scientific facts down to pet parent-friendly basics. These are just a few examples of relevant articles that are one click away, and simply inserting links like these into the Plan section of your Vetster appointment record or using the app to include them in a direct message makes client education easy:

Our extensive library of eye-catching and informative blog content is also just a click away, ready to reinforce the value of your professional expertise and send clients back to you as a trusted provider. We have timely and relevant posts like these, ready for you to share with your clients: