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There are many places in California where you can get supplies for your pets. Whether they’re dogs, cats, birds, fish, or even exotic animals, there’s bound to be a locally owned pet shop in San Jose where you can find what you need. This list includes big pet supply stores, where you can get pet food in bulk, as well as little boutiques to get pet-safe treats. So if you need to go shopping for your pet, here are some shops to check out.

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1. Andy’s Pet Shop

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Andy’s Pet Shop was established in 1950 and has since been a staple of the San Jose community. In its spacious interior, you will find various pet food, supplies, and accessories for all sorts of animals. Animals they cater to include cats, dogs, reptiles, fish, and small animals. Note that Andy’s Pet Shop was known for putting rescue animals up for adoption, but has stopped doing so since April 2021. Andy’s Pet Shop is open daily from eleven in the morning to six in the evening.

2. Ganado Feed & Pet Supply

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This feed and pet supply store has been serving the San Jose area since 2009. While they mainly cater to chickens and horses, you will also find food and accessories for your cats and dogs. This pet store is also dog-friendly, so you can bring your canine companion with you. Services include a self-service dog washing station, perfect for those with bigger dog breeds. They also offer deliveries. Make sure order two days in advance via their phone or email address.

3. An-Jan Feed and Pet Supply

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Established in 1969, An-Jan Feed and Pet Supply is a locally owned pet shop known for its wide selection of animal and pet supplies. Their motto is “We Feed Them All!” so don’t be surprised to find food and supplies for a variety of animals, from horses to llamas to dogs and cats. Because of their bigger stocks, this is a great place for buying supplies in bulk, like dog food and cat litter. An-Jan Feed and Pet Supply is open from ten in the morning to five in the evening daily.

4. Biscuits – Pet Boutique

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Located in the middle of beautiful Japantown, Biscuits – Pet Boutique is known for its natural and organic pet products. Despite the small space, Biscuits has a cheery interior filled with many different products for your pet’s needs. It’s a great space to shop for your pet’s new accessories, treats, and food. They also have supplies for your dog’s next birthday party. Biscuits is open every day of the week except Monday.

5. Gussied Up Dog Boutique

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Located in downtown Willow Glen, this dog boutique is best known for its Barkery, where you can buy treats and cakes specially made for your canine companion. While its interior may be small, you will also find collars, leashes, clothing, and other pet accessories. Gussied Up Dog Boutique is open all days of the week.

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There are many places in San Jose to get supplies for your pet. From food to treats to accessories, there are many spots you can check out, but not all pet supplies are equal. Some types of treats and accessories are better for your pet. If you’re unsure about what to buy, why not book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster? These experts can help you find the right diet, toys, and accessories for your pet companion, so you can shop with peace of mind.

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