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Search, select, and book an appointment with a vet that fits your schedule, budget, and pet needs. All appointments take place virtually, over video or text.

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What can virtual vets treat?

Vets in San Jose can talk you through a variety of health issues and offer guidance for taking care of your pet. They can work with new and existing patients to understand health and wellness issues, and in some cases they may prescribe medications, offer over-the-counter suggestions, or just leave you with the peace of mind of knowing your pet is in good hands.

Top Activities for Pet Owners in San Jose

San Jose is a beautiful hub of incredible historic buildings and high-tech Silicon Valley flair, offering you and your pets a home you’ll be happy with. If you live in San Jose, you’ll want to find a way to give your pets the best. Here are a few places to stop in and visit if you’re a pet owner in the Bay Area.