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One of the most important parts of having a pet is ensuring that you can care for that pet. No matter what animal you own in Michigan, whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, reptile, or even a farm animal like a horse or cow, there are supplies associated with those animals that you might want to pick up at a local supply retailer. Here are a few locally owned Detroit pet shops where you can pick up the supplies you need.

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1. City Bark

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City Bark believes in providing the best possible supplies for dogs and cats that live in Detroit. By understanding that city-dwelling dogs and cats often have different needs than those that may live in rural areas, City Bark can provide a better experience for all animals. Plus, it’s centrally located in Downtown Detroit, so you can stop by and find a great product at any time.

2. Feed Rite Pet Supply

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Located just south of Detroit, Feed Rite Pet Supply is close enough to the Detroit area that many people visit it for their pet supplies. Offering options for dogs, cats, small animals, and reptiles, Feed Rite provides a variety of supplies for locals and even offers delivery within Lincoln Park. They also provide supplies for farm animals, such as hay and fly sprays, as well as lawn and garden supplies.

3. Val’s Pet Supplies

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Val’s is a local, family owned business providing a wide variety of dog, cat, bird, and small animal foods, toys, and other accessories, often at a lower price than you’d find at a retailer. The staff include avid birdwatchers, and they offer a special in-house blend of birdseed specifically tailored to local feathery friends. Their website also offers a range of coupons only redeemable in-store, which are well worth checking out before heading over.

4. The Pet Beastro

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The Pet Beastro is an 18-year-old staple which offers a wide range of safe and natural pet food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs, with a particular emphasis on organic products. Its owner has over 10 years of experience and certification in pet nutrition, and her Beastro sometimes hosts pet-related events, including educational seminars. If you can’t make it to the store they also offer same-day local shipping anywhere in the Detroit area, and there is free shipping on orders over $49.

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Locally owned pet shops can be a great way to discover the right products for your needs, and many locals appreciate the ability to walk into a pet shop rather than just having to buy online. If you’re interested in discovering the right products for your pet, it might be a good idea to book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster. The advice available through Vetster can help you discover the right products for your needs.

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