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If you own a dog in Michigan, you probably want to check out local dog parks at some point. Dog parks can be a great way to allow your dog to run off some of their energy. It’s a wide open space where a dog can run around, typically without a leash. Whether you live in an apartment without a backyard, your backyard isn’t especially large, or you just want to give your dog some socialization, here are some of the best Detroit dog parks to check out.

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1. Grand Circus Dog Park

Drinking water available Off leash Double entry and exit gates

Grand Circus Park is a well-known park in Downtown Detroit, an area which hosts the entertainment district and provides easy access to some of the most iconic attractions and venues of the city. Within Grand Circus Park, which is generally dog-friendly to leashed dogs, you’ll find the Grand Circus Dog Park, which provides a large grassy area for dogs to play in, as well as multiple seating options for humans. It offers turf in most of the park, with wood chips by the trees surrounding the park.

2. Riverwalk

Drinking water available Water feature

If you love the riverfront in Detroit and want to walk along it with your dog, the Detroit Riverwalk might be for you. While not technically a dog park, the RiverWalk is a large area with three and a half miles on the east side and another two miles on the west side, including plenty of space for walking, running, biking, and fishing. Keep your dog leashed and enjoy the experience on the RiverWalk along with them.

3. Rose Dog Park

Dedicated areas Off leash Double entry and exit gates

Rose Dog Park, named after a fallen K9 officer, has been around for a few years now. Although it’s a fairly small park, the locals of the area love it. It is a public park, right near the local Scripps Park, and locals praise the fact that it’s well-maintained, with benches for dog owners and plenty of shade. Plus, it offers a separate section for small dogs.

4. Detroit Dog Park

Drinking water available Off leash

The Detroit Dog Park is a free dog park open to the public near Michigan Central Station. Since 2014, it has provided a safe space for dogs and their owners to visit and enjoy themselves. The City of Detroit is responsible for general park maintenance. There is no oversight group related to the park, so locals are responsible for ensuring that everything stays clean and enjoyable for all. Stop by today to enjoy this popular area.

5. Belle Isle Park

Drinking water available Water feature

With 982 acres of space that includes a variety of trails and park areas, Belle Isle Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Detroit. The Belle Isle Conservatory puts in a substantial amount of work to ensure that the area is beautiful and clean. Although Belle Isle Park is not an off-leash dog park, it is still dog-friendly, and many people enjoy taking their dogs out with them to the park for hiking, running, and general enjoyment.

Enjoy a great time outdoors at your local dog park

Dog parks provide a great experience for dogs, dog owners, and anyone who likes seeing dogs playing, and if you’re interested in discovering a local dog park, there are plenty of options in Detroit. However, before you bring your dog to a dog park, you need to make sure they’re well-behaved and that they’ll handle socializing with other dogs well. If you’re interested in getting some help in either of these areas, book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster to get answers to your questions.

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