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If you’re looking for a great time with your dog in New York, one of your choices might just be checking out a dog-friendly restaurant. It’s a great option, whether you’re coming back from a walk, you’re going out for a nice dinner, or you’re just looking to grab some food while on your morning run. The good news is that the Bronx has plenty of dog-friendly restaurants. Here are a few dog-friendly restaurants in the Bronx to check out.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. La Masa

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If you’re looking for delicious Colombian food in the Bronx, you’re looking for La Masa. All of their menu items are made to order, which means everything is as fresh as possible. Whether you’re a Colombian expat looking for a taste of home, you have Colombian friends and family and you’re looking for a taste of familiar cuisine, or you’ve never tried it before and are looking for a new experience, you can be sure that La Masa will hit the spot. The covered outdoor patio provides a nice area for dog owners who want to eat with their dogs even during the winter.

2. Chicken vs Lamb

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Chicken Vs Lamb provides a wide variety of delicious Middle Eastern food options to enjoy, all from a food truck that sits just outside of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Being a food truck, there’s nowhere specific to sit nearby, but this delicious food location is right next to various places where you can sit with your dog and enjoy your food, including right on the sidewalk.

3. Bronx Night Market

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The Bronx Night Market is not a specific restaurant, but instead a collection of some of the coolest food options available in the Bronx. It’s held at Fordham Plaza on the last Saturday of every month from April to October and features a curated collection of food, beverages, and arts, sourced from the Bronx and New York City. Dogs are welcome to join you as you walk around and enjoy the various food trucks available.

4. Yo-Burger

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Burgers are one of the most all-American foods out there, and Yo-Burger is a widely beloved burger place in the area. This restaurant offers a variety of burger options as well as frozen yogurt, which switches flavors on a monthly basis, and sides like fries. The outdoor seating is dependent on the weather, so if you’re interested in eating with your dog, check to make sure it’s not too cold.

5. Tzatziki Greek Grill

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If you’re interested in discovering delicious, high-quality Greek food near the Bronx, you might want to check out Tzatziki Greek Grill. It’s technically located in New Rochelle, a town just northeast of the Bronx proper, but it’s close enough to the Bronx that you can get there and back with no problem. Plus, there are some outdoor tables where you and your dog can sit and enjoy your food.

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There are lots of dog-friendly locations in the Bronx, and some of them happen to be restaurants. If you’re interested in bringing your dog with you to a dog-friendly restaurant, these are a few great restaurants in the area. However, it’s also important that you’re confident that your dog can behave in the restaurant. If you’re worried about your dog’s behavior, consider booking an online virtual care appointment with Vetster to get more information about behavioral concerns and what you can do to alleviate them.

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