Subscriptions terms of use

Last updated October 3, 2023

Vetster Subscriptions

Welcome to Vetster ! Vetster offers subscription services including but not limited to Vetster Plus, Vetster Unlimited, and Vetster Wellness. Vetster subscriptions allow a pet owner (“Subscriber”, “you” and “your”) of a designated dog or cat (“Pet”) to receive services for their Pet from Vetster Inc. and/or our authorized providers (referred to as “Vetster”, “we” or “us”). These subscription services are intended for individual use only and may not not be used by businesses (e.g., clinics, borders, rescues, fosters, etc.).

Subscribers must agree to our general Terms of Use , in addition to the following terms and conditions (the “Subscription Terms”). Vetster’s Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected, used and disclosed in connection with Vester Plus, Vetster Wellness and Vetster Unlimited.

1. Automatic renewal

Each Vetster subscription plan (the “Plan”) is for a monthly, quarterly, or annual commitment (“term”) that begins on your sign up date (“Start Date”), which is the same date as your first payment. The Plan will automatically renew on the term anniversary of the Start Date until the Subscriber or Vetster cancels the Plan in accordance with these Subscription Terms.

To avoid charges for a subscription period, you must cancel as described in Section 5 before the renewal date. Deleting your account and/or deleting the app from your device does not cancel your subscription.

2. Subscription fees

Subscription fees are charged monthly, quarterly, or annually based on the term. Each payment will be charged to the Subscriber’s credit card. Subscribers are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with your Plan in a timely manner with a valid payment method. The Subscriber is responsible for ensuring credit card information is accurate and kept up to date.

All payments are made through our third-party payment processor, Stripe, and all payment information will be processed in accordance with Stripe's End User Terms of Service and Stripe's Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Stripe Agreements”). Subscribers should familiarize themselves with those policies. By agreeing to these Subscription Terms, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Agreements, as the same may be modified by Stripe from time to time. As a condition of Vetster enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you agree to provide Vetster accurate and complete information about you, and you authorize Vetster to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe, with Stripe.

3. Missed subscription fees

If a Subscriber fails to make a payment (e.g., if the Subscriber’s credit card information is incorrect or the payment is rejected), Vetster will suspend the Plan until the Subscriber reinstates the Plan by paying due fees. Payment information can be updated in the client dashboard.

4. Free Trial

From time to time, Vetster may provide a free trial of its Plan for a period of time, with details specified when you sign up for the offer. To sign up for a free trial you will need to provide us with a payment method. You will not be charged until the trial period ends. Unless you cancel prior to the end of the free trial, the Plan will automatically continue and you will be billed for the Plan using the payment method you provided.

5. Not transferable

The Subscriber can not transfer or assign the Plan to another person.

6. Cancelation & Refunds

Plans are based on a monthly, quarterly, or annual term. Canceling your Plan before the end of the term will stop future payments. Upon cancellation by Vetster or the Subscriber, there will be no refunds or prorated refunds on subscription fees that were already paid, unless required by applicable law. Vouchers, credits, and promotions hold no cash value and will be forfeited at the time of cancellation. If you cancel your Vetster subscription, you may use your subscription until the end of the period paid for.

Vetster reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Plan at any time for any reason. In this case, no future payments will be due and services will end immediately.

7. Plan changes

Vetster reserves the right to adjust the price and/or the services included in the Plan on any renewal of the agreement. Where required by applicable law, Vetster will provide at least 30 days’ prior notice of such changes. If the Subscriber does not agree with such changes, you may cancel the Plan at any time before the end of the term.

8. Third party services

Vetster may reference or provide access to third-party services, products, and promotions that utilize, integrate, or provide ancillary services to the Services (“Third-Party Services”). These Third-Party Services are provided for your convenience only and do not constitute our approval, endorsement, or recommendation of any such Third-Party Services for you. You access and use any Third-Party Service based on your own evaluation and at your own risk. You understand that your use of any Third-Party Service is not governed by this Agreement. If you decide to use a Third-Party Service, you will be responsible for reviewing, understanding and accepting the terms and conditions associated with its use. We expressly disclaim all responsibility and liability for your use of any Third-Party Service. Please also remember that when you use a Third-Party Service, our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect. Your use of a Third-Party Service, including those that have a link on our website, is subject to that Third-Party Service’s own terms of use and privacy policies.

9. Changes to Subscription Terms

Vetster may amend any aspect of these Subscription Terms from time-to-time, upon at least 30 days’ prior notice where required by applicable law. If you do not wish to accept any amendment to these Subscription Terms, you may cancel your Plan. If you continue to use our service after any amendment comes into effect, you signify your agreement to be bound by the revised Subscription Terms.

10. Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about these Subscription Terms, your Plan or the Vetster service, please contact us at .