Editorial guidelines

Last updated February 16, 2022

Mission and Priorities

Where pet health lives.

At the Pet Connection, our goal is to help make you even better pet parents. We’re your source for interesting, educational, expert information on all things pets.

We make it fun, but we’re backed by science. In fact, our editorial board is full of veterinarians who make sure we’re always up-to-date on the latest research and facts.

We tackle everything from serious health issues to fun topics about the joys of pet parenthood. We write our own content, in collaboration with expert sources. Every piece is fact checked to ensure accuracy, so you can always be sure we’re bringing you the best information available. And we’ll review and revise articles as necessary.

Ethics, Transparency, and Objectivity

We will present all sides of any controversial issue fairly, by showcasing a variety of opinions and perspectives to tell a full story. We hold our writers to a high standard, including honesty, integrity, and unbiased objective representation.

We don’t give preferential treatment to any brand, issue, or external resource. On occasion, we may feature partners and offer the community promotions or information from our partners. We will always be clear about any relationships we have with particular brands.

On occasion guest writers, Vetster staff, pet owners and others may express personal opinions related to products, experiences, issues, and trends. Whenever possible we will validate these statements with expert resources and/or call out these pieces as opinion-based articles.

Diversity Policy

Vetster is committed to creating an ongoing dialogue around pet care that is inclusive of diverse thoughts, perspectives, and considerations. Our goal is to provide medically accurate animal health and wellness information that is inclusive of all species, ages, sexes, races, religions, and political affiliations where applicable.

Sourcing Policy

Where possible we link out to relevant sources, whether in text or in the footnotes of each piece. We will identify any sources we speak to, including their name, specialization, and organization.

Verification and Fact-Checking Standards

All of our articles are reviewed by our medical review team , which is composed of licensed veterinarians and experts in their fields. All sources will be double checked and reviewed. Interviews will be validated with interviewees.

Corrections Policy and Practice

If you catch an error, please reach out to our editorial team . We will be reviewing articles and updating them as necessary.

Editorial Guidelines

We primarily follow AMA style. We use Oxford commas, avoid too many exclamation points, and write as clearly as possible. We avoid long, $5 words and focus on creating content that is universally accessible.

Editorial Contact

All inquiries can be directed to our editorial team .

Changes To Our Editorial Guidelines

We reserve the right to make changes to our guidelines at any time. All updates will be noted.