Top veterinary telemedicine appointment cases by species

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Top veterinary telemedicine appointment cases by species  - Vetster

Wondering what types of veterinary medicine cases can be treated virtually with telemedicine? Consider some of the most common reasons pet parents have booked an appointment!

Veterinarians can treat many symptoms through telemedicine. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acute medical concerns
  • Behavioral concerns, aggression, litter box issues
  • Skin issues such as rashes, itchiness, and redness
  • Minor cuts and wounds
  • Dietary concerns, weight loss, nutritional advice
  • Gastrointestinal, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Puppy and kitten wellness and training
  • General pet health and wellness concerns
  • Preventative wellness
  • Allergies, & more

Typical telemedicine cases look differently depending on the type of animal being treated. Here’s a breakdown of the most common use cases we see on Vetster based on species:

For Dogs

The most common appointment use cases our veterinarians typically see in dogs is problems with skin (itchy, scratchy, or smelly), ear infections, parasite problems, skunk encounters, vomiting or fecal concerns, mobility and joint problems (i.e. any observations of the dog limping or in pain) as well as any changes in appetite (i.e. eating less or more). Here’s what our dog parents are saying about their experiences on Vetster:

Very professional and personable vet advice. This is the first time I have used a virtual veterinarian appointment. The doctor was highly recommended to me to consult about my elder black lab’s musculoskeletal issues. She was very knowledgeable, asked the right questions, came up with a plan that worked for both me, the "canine parent", and my canine companion "Dawson". AND I didn't have to leave my home. Also in these times especially, the vet’s sense of humor was appreciated. Many Thanks! - Christine from ON

Professional, Informative, Helpful, Caring. This was our first time doing a video conference with a veterinarian, we weren’t sure how it was going to go. The vet was very informative and extremely helpful. We initially spoke about an ear infection our dog might have, discussed skin rashes, and spoke about different types of dog food diets. The vet was very professional, asked lots of questions, and offered very good advice. We felt at ease after our appointment and are looking forward to getting our dog healthy again. I would definitely use Vetster again. - Lisa from NY

For Cats

For cats, veterinarians on Vetster typically treat unusual litter box habits, increases or decreases in urination volume, vomiting or fecal concerns, mobility and joint problems (i.e any observations of the cat limping or in pain), changes in appetite (i.e. eating less or more) as well as symptoms of a viral infection (any sneezing or runny eyes). Here’s what our cat parents are saying about their experiences on Vetster:

We're astounded! They're miracle workers. We just can't believe how amazing and easy this whole process was. Our doctor was beyond amazing, she was thorough, kind, helpful, and just so down-to-earth and perfect. We will forever come back to this place. - Tabitha from PA

I'm so relieved. We needed a vet to help our beloved feral cat, but nobody would even talk to us because we can't bring her in. The doctor came through. She overcame [my] connection problems with determination and creativity and was attentive, knowledgeable, and caring. - Mary from MA.

For Pocket Pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, rats, mice, etc.)

Eye or skin irritations, irregular behavior, and or irregular urination or bowel movements are the most common appointment use cases on Vetster for pocket pets. Here’s what our pocket pet owners are saying about their experiences on Vetster:

Very compassionate and knowledgeable. The doctor spoke with me at great length about my rabbit and was willing to try out different methods to help him. She was extremely accommodating and precise with her questions and advice. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a vet! It has been so difficult to find someone experienced with rabbits so I appreciate the vet’s help from the bottom of my heart. - Jacqueline from NJ

Eased my mind. The veterinarian was very sweet and eased my mind and the concerns that I was having. She gave me some great recommendations and I feel much more at peace after a trying morning. - Sasha from PA

For Reptiles

Our veterinarians typically see reptiles for any eye or skin irritation they may be experiencing, as well as irregular behavior, irregular urination or bowel movements, lack of shedding, and infection. Here’s what our reptile parents are saying about telemedicine through Vetster:

Wonderful experience. Recommend in every way. Very positive interaction, very informative experience. Squishy and I thank you. - Kris from ON

Knowledgeable and thorough. The doctor answered our questions about our bearded dragon and prescribed medication for his parasites. We weren't sure what to expect, but she was great and the service was easy to use. - Vanneman from NY

For Fish and Aquatics

The most common telemedicine use cases for fish and aquatics are bacterial or viral infections, skin or scale lesions, diet and nutrition questions, water quality management, and immune status. Here’s what our fish owners are saying about their experiences on Vetster:

The doctor was knowledgeable and personable. She took the time to read and know my fish’s history prior to the appointment. She’s easy to talk to and gave me helpful advice and suggestions on a number of different things I could try to help my fish. She listened and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I would reach out to her again in the future if needed. - Kelly from NY

For Equine

Our equine veterinary professionals are well equipped to treat eye, skin, or ear irritations via telemedicine. They are also able to address any irregular urination or bowel movement concerns, lameness issues, mobility, and joint problems, behavioral concerns, as well as provide consulting on diet and nutrition.

Our professionals are experts in preventative health care in addition to managing urgent concerns. We’re happy to connect pet owners to a network of thousands of licensed veterinary professionals that can address immediate concerns and increase pet care coverage in a telemedicine environment, right from the comfort of home. Book your first appointment today!