Pet-centric apps that are bringing pet owners together

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Pet-centric apps that are bringing pet owners together - Vetster

As a pet owner, having a pet can be one of the biggest parts of your life. Having a pet brings many rewards, but also many challenges. Like so many other aspects of modern life, technology has stepped in to help address many of the common difficulties that pet owners face. A recent study by Global Market Insights shows that the pet technology market is increasing rapidly, expected to grow by over twenty billion dollars by the year 2028. 56% of pet owners in the United States use technology to help their pets. There are a variety of app categories centered on pets. The types of apps in the pet technology market range from healthcare and nutrition, to camera monitoring, pet services, and smart toy apps for pets.

56% of Pet Owners in the US Use Pet-centric Technology

These are some of the top community apps for pet owners that can help you and your pet stay in the loop.

On-Demand Virtual Pet Care - Vetster

Available on iOS or Android.

Vetster offers virtual care appointments 24/7 in your area, whether you are at home or traveling. You can select the vet you want to consult based on your pet's needs and your personal preferences. Vetster offers highly rated and licensed veterinarians, making it a great tool for finding the right vet for your pet when you move to a new area. Vetster online vets provide teletriage in all locations, helping you to figure out if your pet needs emergency care and the urgency of your situation. They are also conveniently available to give you advice on nutrition, allergies, injuries, and more right when you need it.

Walking routes, networking, and missing pets - Paway

Available only on iOS.

Paway is a social app that uses the GPS function on your phone and community insights to create walking routes based on amenities, hazards, and convenience. You can view categories like hot dog stands, aggressive dogs, and water fountain access. Professional dog walkers and pet owners alike use Paway to plan their walks. You can also use the app to meet other dogs in your area, see news alerts that may affect your pet, and notify your Paway neighbors about a missing pet.

Networking and dating - Offleash’d

Available on iOS or Android.

Offleash’d is an app that has a dual purpose, allowing pet owners to switch between social networking and dating modes with other pet owners. Once you create a profile, you can swipe between other potential matches and thumb them up or down. If you match, you can start chatting.

Dog walking and pet sitting - Wag!

Available on iOS or Android.

Wag! is a pet sitting app that matches owners and their pets with walkers and sitters in over 8,000 cities across the U.S. You can upload details about your dog and choose a walker or sitter who fits your needs, including location, activity level, length of stay or walk, and budget. You can use Wag! at home or while traveling.


Available on iOS or Android.

Pawscout is an app for pet owners that builds connections in your local community. You can meet other pet owners for play dates, help to find missing pets with the help of an optional Bluetooth-enabled device, share photos, and post about dangers in the neighborhood for your network to see. You can even use the app to track your pet's walks when they’re not with you (with the help of a Bluetooth tag.) Pawscout tags and the Pawscout app can be used for both dogs and cats.

Missing pets - PetRescuers by HomeAgain

Available on iOS.

This pet finding app by HomeAgain, the market leader in the microchip industry, collaborates with shelters and clinics in the United States to find missing dogs and cats through microchipping data as well as physical description, medical information, and personality. HomeAgain’s PetRescuers app call center has trained counselors who can help guide you through the process if your pet goes missing. PetRescuers has returned over a million pets to their families. You can also use the app to help other pet owners in your area find their missing pets.

Emergency advice - Pet First Aid

Available on iOS or Android.

The American Red Cross created Pet First Aid to assist dog owners whose dogs are experiencing an emergency. Pet First Aid will tell you the nearest location of an emergency clinic and guide you through the emergency. The app also helps you to locate pet-friendly hotels while traveling, making it a must-have app for pet owners on the go.

Dog walking service - Pawsapp

Available on iOS or Android.

With Pawsapp, you can book thirty-minute to one-hour on-demand dog walks in London, or schedule them in advance with the click of a button. This UK-centered app lets you add special instructions for your dog and receive a report when their walk is over. Pawsapp matches compatible walkers to your dog based on the details you add to their profile, kind of like a dating app. This ensures that each dog and walker have a great experience on their walk.