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Holiday safety for your pet - Vetster

A few tips to help keep your pet safe this holiday season, from our Medical Director, Dr. Sarah Machell!

Beware of the Weather

There can be extreme temperatures during the holiday season, both hot and cold in some areas at this time of year! If your pet spends time outdoors, ensure adequate access to relief from the heat or the cold in the form of insulated shelter, and always provide access to fresh water. In colder climates be sure to watch for rock salt on sidewalks and roadways, as it can cause caustic burns and stinging to your pet’s footpads. Consider booties or applying commercial salves to your pet’s foot pads to protect them from the salt. Always be mindful in hotter climates of avoiding leaving pets unattended in cars, heatstroke can kill!


Certainly there are some human foods that are known to be a concern when ingested by pets. Watch out for onions/garlic, grapes/raisins, chocolate, avocado, plants (lilies, mistletoe, and poinsettias), and high-fat foods.

Foreign Body Ingestion

Keeping things like household/tree ornaments and tinsel, cooking implements (such as dish towels), bones from meats, or even avocado pits away from your pets is a great way to avoid any risk of ingestion.

Physical Injury Risks

Dangers of electrical cords, falling trees, and ornaments cause potential physical injury risks to your pet. As well, try to keep packaging or wrapping materials away from your pet as these can cause problems if ingested and even pose suffocation risks.