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If you’re going out to eat in New York and you’re a dog lover, you may be thinking about bringing your dog with you. Whether it’s because you don’t want to leave your dog at home for dinner or because you’re on a walk and trying to find somewhere to stop in, there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in and around Yonkers for you to visit with your dog. Here are five of the best.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. Bread & Brine

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This unique restaurant right outside of Yonkers primarily utilizes the fresh, local, seasonal food from Yonkers and the surrounding areas. This includes a variety of seafood, of which New York City has plenty. Additionally, Bread & Brine offers an online seafood market, allowing you to get super fresh seafood for next-day pickup even if you aren’t interested in coming in for the delicious dishes and weekly kitchen specials. Feel free to sit at one of the many outdoor tables with your dog and enjoy yourself.

2. Scalini Osteria

Dog friendly Multiple outdoor seats Outdoor heating Take out Dine in

Scalini Osteria wants to be a new kind of Italian cooking, true not just to the roots of Italian cuisine, but also to the new cuisine wave that has taken over Italy in the last few decades. At Scalini Osteria, you’ll find the same traditional recipes you know and love from Italian cooking as well as newer ones that will excite you just as much. The menu changes seasonally, and the multiple outdoor tables are always a treat to eat at with your dog.

3. Underhills Crossing Restaurant

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Providing “a Manhattan dining experience in Bronxville,” this Yonkers-suburb location is stylish, unique, and modern, providing the New American experience to local Yonkers residents. You can even opt for curbside pickup if you want the taste of Underhills Crossing Restaurant without visiting the restaurant itself. Plus, it offers both indoor and outdoor dining, so your dog’s presence won’t negatively impact your experience.

4. Wild Culture Waffles

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Just outside Yonkers city limits, you’ll find this unique location serving up waffles and frozen yogurt in a variety of different flavors. They offer a signature sourdough waffle that’s unlike any other waffle you’ve had before — crispy, fluffy, airy, and stuffed with a number of different fillings. Plus, the location is up-front about the health benefits of sourdough, as this style of waffle creation makes it easier for your body to digest. Stop in today and experience the new type of waffle with your dog at their outdoor alleyway seats.

5. Wood & Fire

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Wood & Fire is all about providing you with unique, high-quality Neapolitan cuisine. Just outside of Northeast Yonkers, Wood & Fire is a pizza restaurant with plenty of heart and lots of outdoor seating, making it the perfect place to stop by for lunch or dinner with your dog. You can also find unique appetizers, platters, and other items that really create the Italian vibe of the restaurant.

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If you’re planning to go out to eat with your dog, it pays to be prepared. Whether you’re doing some research on dog-friendly restaurants, you’re brushing up on the foods that are safe for dogs, or you’re ensuring that your dog doesn’t suffer from any behavioral issues, research and preparation are both keys to having a happy, healthy dinner. If you have any questions about any part of this process, book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster to get your answers.

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